ain't that peculiar?

I'd still rather whine and beg here for some good samaritan to send me an mp3 of the superclean CD version of this wonderful song than spend 99 cents and download it.

I'll just buy the whole dang CD if I don't get it soon. DON'T PUSH ME, MAN!!!


Benny said...

Ha. Bonzie is having a "Benny fit" for attention. And she is right. The background characters are the best part.
No wonder you wanna do this and not THAT.

Okay den.

BonzoGal said...

Man, this is better than one of those old Harvey Kurtzman MAD splash panels with all the weird tiny folks in the background!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I am in Arizona right now, watching my Mom make pumpkin cheesecake with pecans.

Hieronymous said...

My guess is that the nurse with the walker and the one-eyed, three-legged robot will help get Bonzogal's head into a nice, safe jar.