baffling but true


Mike Dobbs said...

Okay...finally my worse fear: being classified as merely a Bissette artifact headed for his collection!

BonzoGal said...

Geez louise, Bonzo has my haircut exactly! FREAKY! What a great action shot. And the background characters- once again, hilarious.

Just got the new Fantagraphics catalog, and smack there on page 30 is the RUNAWAY COMIC ad. On the left is a big blurb right with the cover of RUNAWAY #2 next to it. There's also a little panel of Granmaw telling Monty to "Talk to the Yeah Butt."

BonzoGal said...

Wait... there's a Center for Cartoon Studies?!? That does it, I'm moving to Vermont!

Benny said...

What is the Huie Library?
Something Bissette sponsors?
Hey Steve.
Hey Mike.

Benny said...

Ha HA!!! I just saw "ASSY" on that mouse's shirt.
That's what Wanda Sikes called Larry David when she caught him looking at her butt.

Ha HAAAAA!!!!!

Lou said...

Yeah, what's with Adult Swim's Assy McGee??!!!
A blatant rip-off or great minds thinking alike??