now we know

At last! An answer to the age-old quandary "How long would it take a YEAHBUTT to get from Massachusetts to Iceland? :


I'm mailing out this weekend. Not sure how long it will take to get to Iceland!

About a month. I picked up the package a couple of days ago. Thot you'd like to know it got here safely. The customs people put so much tax on it that I essentially had to pay for it over again, but that's not your fault.

Thanks for ordering and enjoy your butt!

I will. Thanks! - KJARTAN -

Friends, that is one dedicated Butt lover! HOORAY FOR KJARTAN!

PS - We still have a few of these Insanely Limited Edition beauts for sale. If you have not bought (or bot, as Kjartan might say!) yours yet, what are you, CRAZY? Look, if you're waiting for the price to go down, we have an iron-clad guarantee here - The price of the Insanely Limited Edition Yeahbutt Child Rearing Tool will NEVER EVER go down! It will always retain its original value, it can only go UP! (unless some dumbass puts his or hers on eBay for $5, then we're ALL screwed!) It's kinda like your 401K. If that thing goes in the toilet, the whole country just got nuked so grab a shotgun and go rob all your neighbors' food! Same thing! If the value of your YEAHBUTT decreases, the whole pop culture "community" just went insane so at least you're not alone!

Stop being so stubborn! BUY YOUR YEAHBUTT ALREADY!

And while you're at it:

Go read Jed's insightful and accurate analysis of the comics "biz" before he gets mad again. Scroll down here. That's exactly what "not that Runaway is a hit" means!


BonzoGal said...

My Yeah Butt has changed my life for the better. I used to be a circus freak show star, but now I am the CEO of a major conglomerate. My breath is fresher, my teeth are whiter, and my outlook on life is sunner. Plus the Yeah Butt covers up that embarrassing stain on my fireplace mantle.

Thanks Yeah Butt!

Benny said...

I ordered my Yeah Butt.
And got a friendly "notification" from the artist himself when he shipped it!

That's internet service you just don't get these days.