the luckiest boy on earth


BonzoGal said...

Dinosaur with clown hat! Swell with monocle!

BonzoGal said...

By they way, did y'all know that Betty and Veronica are getting a "makeover"?


Greg said...

That Betty and Veronica thing is bizarre. The cover they chose to show is absolutely horrendous and seems like a very bad move, but if you click on the penciled page beside it, the art and style actually looks pretty good... and NOTHING like the cover, luckily.

Marky Mark said...

EYEW! STOP!!! Stop talking about Archie comics on my blog!!!

Benny said...

I'm sorry. I was always fascinated by the "grid" on Reggie's hair.

Why do you hate Archie so much?
What am I talking about?
You hate EVERYTHING hoi polloi likes!

That's what's so fun about you.

Benny said...


Marky Mark said...

I love:

The Beatles
The Simpsons
To Kill a Mockingbird

The legend that I hate "EVERYTHING" hoi polloi likes must stop. In the words of the great Michael Stipe - "ENOUGH!"

BonzoGal said...

Well, it's not that I like "Archie", but I don't want it to change, dag-nabit.

I interviewed at Google a few weeks ago- got turned down 'cause I was "overqualified" (i.e. wanted decent pay). That place is like a giant playground! Imagine Santa's workshop with geeks wandering around...

Greg said...

Speaking of The Simpsons, dogs, and To Kill A Mockingbird, it's actually Archie that has a grid on his head, not Reggie. Reggie has black hair with shines on it. You can have your children look it up on Google this Christmas while listening to The Beatles and thinking about the many things that Mark hates.

Anonymous said...

I love "etc." too. It's an under-appreciated abbreviation.

Jed said...

ie: Archie.

"Good" in the Bizarro World sense of the word "good"? As in "sucky"?

Though no great fan of Archie, I do like some of those Bob Bolling Little Archies. What are they going to do to Little Archie now? Give him tits?