God is real!

Lookie here. It's true! That chicken was there all the time!

Also lookie at Jed's comment here. I'll pontificate on all that soon, along with some relevant news and Runaway updates and stuff. Just as soon as I get a chance to sit down and yammer away. I'm a slow typer...


Anonymous said...

"...KFC chicken I saw behind the this Bush split seconds before it crashed to the ground!"

So the KFC chicken crashed to the ground?

That's a lot of partially-hydrogenated yak fat!

Marky Mark said...

Yeah yeah, "anonymous" VoR!

"Had I not leapt for this KFC chicken I saw behind this bush split-seconds before THAT FALLING PIANO crashed to the ground!" woulda been quite a mouthful, wouldn't it? I write like people talk, man! On the STREET, cracker! WORD!

Anonymous said...

Look, I finally took the time to read your blog and harass you and I get called a cracker. CHEEZUS!

I feel like KFC chopped chicken liver.

BonzoGal said...

Whew... close call... but that chicken is going straight into someone's colon, where it will do no good, I betcha.

Marky Mark said...

Dear Anonymous

OH! I thought you were a different grammar cop!


I like crackers!

Jed said...

So, I got all my Grenuords, and all the other crap I ordered, and lo, at the top of the stack was...Runaway Comic! #1? Arggh! Good Grief. So I have to wait a week or two for #2 still.

By the way, Grenuord (or however you spell it) is pretty awesome. Francesca Ghermandi is a maniac! Like Woodring, its sort of like comics from another planet.

Lasts words on this subject:

Here we stand at the cusp of the death of the comics peer-i-odd-ic-al (oh how I shall miss her). Soon comics shops will disapear, all that superhero stuff is eventually going to be licensed for other media, and the "graphic novel" shall be king of that small niche that will be what remains of the medium. There will still be conventions and mail order and digital comics and the mini shall flourish, but those things that have been known variously as "pamphlets" and "floppies" will, for all intents and purposes, be no more.

Benny said...

I'll bet Janet's kinda freaking out at all this "chicken business".

Anonymous said...

How DARE you blame ME for SOMEONE ELSE'S grammar-coppery!!!! I would have been more inclined to read it as the bush's having crashed to the ground...

(By the way, KFC is a registered trademark. I am SHOCKED that it is not accompanied by the appropriate symbol in your cartoon. I won't turn you in THIS TIME, but I hope you'll be more careful in the future!)

As for BonzoGal: "that chicken is going straight into someone's colon." Ew. Maybe that's what folks do with chicken where YOU live, but up here most of us stick to eating the stuff (except for the folks who choose not to do even that with it).


BonzoGal said...

Now that I look at the earlier Blogopera in which the piece of chicken makes its first appearance (#11), I'm wondering if it really IS a piece of chicken or something else... something... sinister!
(Not that KFC ain't pretty dang sinister in its own right...)

That's it, I'm starting a Jabber-Wiki so all the fans can discuss this the same way they do "LOST."