C.A.R.E packages

As I continue to shovel out from under my Katrina of Good Fortune, the kindness and generosity of others feeds my abandoned jabberous dog. Crack needles and dead babies litter the toilet stalls of my Super Dome, but KKKristian KKKharity cannot be kkkilled!!!

THESE JUST IN (more or less)

The finished art for JUST ONE of the characters Mark Landman is contributing to the latest Landman/Martin/and a crew of dozens JABBEROUS OFFLINE cover (the ass end of Runaway Comic #3)

Benny sent me scans of art from the Benny Collection of MM original art. Here's one now. I used to do these editorial cartoons for The Comics Journal... back when I cared...

Thanks, Benny! And Mark! And crew of dozens!


eeTeeD said...

i see that runaway comic is in this month's previews

Marky Mark said...

That's good to know.

So that means it is supposed to ship when? April?

eeTeeD said...

yes, i think so.