still at it

Still working on the you-know-what, still can't play. In the meantime, for anyone out there who does not know what lasagnalagna means, feast your eyes on this girl gone wild.

Thanks, Ang, for buying that artwork and posting it on the web, thus providing me with summa dat sweet sweet blog content.


Benny said...

I've got postings out the ass of your old artwork?
You want I should "post" it?

How about the Mrs. Havisham wearing the smiley face dress? I'd have to dig to find that one, but I HAVE it. How about EVERWONDERLAND?

so many delights!

slatts said...

oh yeah! Hot hippo-mama mia lasagna!

sweetthang said...

man, she's hot.....and i'm a woman.....

Jed said...

Man, I forgot just how gorgeous this old Gnatrat stuff was.

So at the time, it was the height of the, you know, black and white comics glut, and parody after parody after crappy amateurish cobbled-together-by-4-year-olds, parody was hitting the stands, and selling by the assload! People would buy ANYthing! It was astounding! So Gnat Rat, judged by cover alone, blended in with the masses of dross with unfortunate ease.

Out of curiousity and boredom, I borrowed a dog eared Gnatrat from my neighbor who had one of those whatchacallem indentations that gave him an unfortunate speach impediment. He was also kind of thick, and I probably should've stolen it. Yes, yes I know, it's cruel to exploit the disabled, but really, through no particular fault of his handicapables, man was he an asshole!

Anyway, Gnat Rat. Well what can I say? Strangely out of place among all the other crap, it was a gorgeously executed piece of work. An unusual ammount CARE had been taken, to make it both well-drawn and funny. How novel this seemed at the time. Sadly, you could've probably sold as many copies if you had instead gone to press with the skid marks in Brigham's pampers. The vast majority of your "audience" would've probably never noticed the difference, barely glimpsing the contents before bagging it, boarding it, and stuffing it in an acid free box.

But thems the breaks. I bet more kids read Teenie Weenie than read Spider-man these days, so what comes around goes around I guess.

By the way, I FINALLY got a copy of Runaway #2, and so you'll be hearing from me soon on that score, buddy!