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BonzoGal said...

His favorite food is cold cereal! I vote for Chuck- man of the people!

Then again... which cold cereal, Chuck? Which one, eh? I'm not supporting anyone who prefers the odious Cap'n Crunch (which sticks in your teeth and scrapes the roof of your mouth, boooo!) to something good and right like Corn Chex.

Benny said...

Where are the "graphics"? Where is all the "go where you want" navigation?
Where are the freeking PICTURES of the "branches of government".

If this is the kids' page, I'd HATE to see the page they made for adults.

lou said...

You making fun of my Senior Senator and neighbor??
My daughter has lots of friends who live in Chuck's building but, oddly, we've never seen him around.
And that page is right old -- his kids are way older than 17 & 13 now. I don't think that page has been touched in 4 years, which shows how much he cares about "the kids."

Anonymous said...

According to another scintillating page on Chuck's site, "Jessica was born in 1984 and is in her senior year of high school. Allison was born in 1989 and in middle school."

Yikes! His older daughter is about 23 and still in high school!? And the younger one is about 18 and still in middle school!?

I'm thinkin' maybe the Schumer genes don't tend toward conferring tremendous genius. But I'm sure his kids are special in their own way!


Benny said...

Charles Schumer will ber arriving at your doorstep very shortly with a personal birthday wish just from ME!

Are'nt you Capricorn just on the "cusp" of Aquarius?

that explains EVERYTHING.