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Hey, look what I found in the ancient buried cabinet. The unpublished second installment of Timely Manor. Click this link to refresh your memory on the first installment, because this one continues the storyline. This comic was also created as a 4-tier, full-page comic, but I'm going to post it here as a daily. It kinda works, and it gives me FOUR DAYS of content instead of just one. So it looks like I'm really bizzee! Click to embiggen...

Update on another item from that link: I never posted the cornbread recipe because Ardell promised to send a recipe to bonzogal, and I figured nobody else really wanted to make cornbread.

Update on yet another item from that link: The war between "Art" and "Business" AND BLOGOPERA return soon! In a hideous mutant Frankensteinian conversion that makes stem cell research look like Bible study!!!


RHoward said...

I guess I needed that kick in the behind in regards to that cornbread recipe. Bonzogal and I exchanged a couple of emails and I still hope to send her that recipe when I wrangle it out of my mother who for some reason seems relunctant to give it up.

BonzoGal said...

And I hope to figure out how to send a copy of the Bonzo Dog Band song "Trouser Press"... I made a cornbread on New Year's eve, in a cast-iron skillet and everything, and it still wasn't what I'm looking for.

Timely Manor: Rooms to let, 50 cents! Now that song is stuck in my haid.

BonzoGal said...

p.s. Maybe everyone doesn't want to make cornbread... but if everyone did, wouldn't the world be a better place?

mickey said...

i'd give an unmentionable part of my anatomy for a decent piece of cornbread right now. i always usta put cheddar cheese and diced jalapeƱos in mine. oh... and i'd always make it when Al Isaac was on the radio to give that extra bit of magic. *UNGH UNGH UNGH*