Carry A. Nation

Two different people have asked me what possessed me to write such a bizarre character as Carry A. Nation (see Runaway Comic #1). They were unaware that it is not a fictional story.

Fast forward to right now. I was just image searching for a rusty old political button for an illustration in Mr. Krabs' scrapbook when I stumbled across this pretty cool and interesting online museum about Carry. Check it out, even if you think you DO know about Carry A. Nation. There's bound to be something in it that you did not know.

And now that I am an official "NEW AND IMPROVED" Blogger, it is my turn to bitch. First, I will correct my previous bitch: It is not a google ACCOUNT that wanted me to use a cell phone to sign up, but a GMAIL account.

Now for the REAL bitch: You have to use your email address to sign in to "NEW AND IMPROVED" Blogger, and the stupid thing won't "remember me on this computer", even though I click the button and tell it to. So every time I post or allow a comment, I have to type "lasagnalagna(at)yahoo(dot)com" to gain access! WHIIIIIINE!!!!!!

And I notice that everybody is using this "labels" feature. AS IF I would ever label any post on this blog other than "babbling again"


BonzoGal said...

Yeah, I've been having problems with trying to comment now, too- I can't log in as a member of Blogger, and it won't recognize any of my Gmail accounts... so I'm just sticking my pseudonym in and that's that.

Marky Mark said...

The March of Progress!

Colin Tedford said...

Not that this helps now, but you don't need the cell # if someone who's already in the Google cult invites you.

I switched the Trees & Hills blog over, and it's been a bit glitchy but mostly OK. I only just found a way to put in a "Read More!" line to shorten long posts, but I'm still trying to figure out how to make it work nicely.

And still babbling.

Eric Talbot said...

Whaaaa! New blogger stinks! Boo hoo!

Bunch of babies.