ice cream darlings (?)

For over a week Sculptor Rick and I have been creating a spread from Mr. Krabs and Plankton's elementary school scrapbook. I have a nice collection of old scrapbooks so I have been scanning from those and swiping the borders of the photos and making everything look real cool and grungey, and I have been so focussed on those details I completely failed to notice what was in this photo I have been looking at for over week. Not that it's an especially amazing photo, but you must admit it's pretty interesting, and the fact that I have been looking at it for a week and never really saw it until now says something about the process of creating, or being an airhead, or both.

What do you suppose is going on here? A dance recital at the local dairy? By all means, click to embiggen.

Hey Benny, look! I found a way to make this blog "old school" AND clean!


Benny said...

Yes you did!
"Old School" and clean too!
I think the shorter column and actual delineation between your archives and the current posts is easier on MY eyes, I know that.

Hey, Jo removed my limerick from her site!

Marky Mark said...

No no no, Benny. I bet you just clicked my link that goes directly to MY comment. Go there again, scroll up to top of page and click the title of the post, and go to ALL of the comments. Including yours.

I like this layout better too. I'll tell you what I DO NOT like - LIVE JOURNAL and/or MySpace! Jo's is one of the least confusing LiveJournal blogs I've seen, and it is still a little disorienting. It is WAY too "go where you want"!

Voice 0'Reason said...

It is WAY too "go where you want"!

Huh? How is it any more "go where you want" than your blog? Lesseee... We got a bunch of posts in reverse order (just like Jabberous), sidebar (just like Jabberous) containing a link to the blogger's profile (just like Jabberous), some other links (just like Jabberous), links to each of the posts on the current page (not too different from Jabberous), calendar view of current month (slight variation on the blog archive view offered on Jabberous). About the only thing that's genuinely different is the "tags" list....

Yep, I can see why LiveJournal is so confusing.

Or can I?

Marky Mark said...

LJ is too junky, Vo'R.

This conversation is OVER!

BonzoGal said...

Lurve the new NEW look. It's better than the old new look, and cleaner than the old old look.