go mea hulka!

One more from Benny's Michael Hall collection. The aforementioned Hulk Vase! Hulk SMASH! I like the pink pants best!

Hey! Speaking of aforementioned stuff, I just realized I WILL be using those labels after all! I should start labeling blogopera, and anything like that, so "newbies" can "go where they want"! I truly am a curmudgeon, just like it says in my profile! I just love to go off half-cocked and gripe about things!

I can't tell you why that's so funny. But believe me, if you knew what me and Benny know, you'd laugh too. (Don't bother commenting why that's so funny, Benny. I can't "allow" it!)

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Benny said...

The pink pants and the "man titties" are an irresistible combination.
Pursed lips, tiny feet, big belt:
starting to sound like Kenny Chesney!