iPub 6 and what's been happening

What's been happening:

The projects that kept me away from blogopera were - Runaway Comic #3 and two jobs for the April issue of Nickelodeon Magazine (which will probably be on stands in March).

One of those jobs was a "glue story" in which Sculptor Rick and I created a running gag that tied all of the other gags together (more or less) in the all-gags issue of The Comic Book. Lord Evil appears in that issue.

The other job was a Teeny Weeny pinic scene starring several of the existing Teeny weeny cast, plus some new characters created especially for the picnic. Here are two new characters, Thimbelina and Needles (Spool is a previously existing character).

Now Sculptor Rick and I are working on a 2-page spread of Mr. Krabs' and Plankton's old school days scrapbook. And we are negotiating (and will probably get the job) an all-new 16-page full-color Buddy McNutty comic #2!

SO - I'm still not sure when eeTeeD and Jed's faux argument will resume. But it WILL RESUME! I guarantee it. Unless I get hit by a truck.

Now I shall attempt my first "embed" of a youtube video. This one was sent to me by Eric Talbot.

This one comes via JR.

Did that work?


BonzoGal said...

Congrats- can't wait for the next Buddy McNutty! And I like Needles.

Yep, the embeds worked.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

wondering ... will you be going to Frisco this year?
when is your Publisher going to release Runaway 3???

Marky Mark said...

I'm not going to Frisco. Runaway Comics technical assistant Brigham and I are going to Prague this summer. If there are any Praguelodytes reading this, contact us!

Runaway 3 is solicited to ship in March, but if it's like the first 2 issues it won't actually be in most shops until after months of asking for it, if at all. Order from panel-to-panel for best results.

Anonymous said...

2 comments on youTubes
1st - nice hats ;-))) ...I do really love them!
2nd - hands can do a lot of nicer stuff ;-)

2nd B

Anonymous said...

what a nice plans!
I will still try to get 3rd in a bookstore...:-)))

RHoward said...

When I look at that runway video (and most runway footage for that matter) I usually want to laugh out loud.
Are we supposed to believe that grown adults with half a brain would actually wear these outfits just because some "Fashion Designer" (note the caps!) designed them?

Benny said...

What cool clothes!

For me to POOP on!

No, really, they were kinda cool. But truly, where the fokk would you wear that stuff?