i forgot...

I was going to explain that Swaggerin' Jimmy thing in iPub 6. I was going to explain that it does actually mean something, but I can't remember what. When I killed Mighty Pumpkin, I put out a press release about Mighty Pumpkin going underground due to hostile takeover bid by Jimmy Swaggart... something like that. Or it was in an interview or something.

Obviously I will probably never write an autobiography. If I do, I will title it "Or Something Like That".

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Benny said...

That was it.
Jimmy Swaggart. He was so big in the news for lyin' and cryin'. . .lyin' with a woman other than his wife and lyin' about it, and cryin' on TV. He was really one of the FIRST of the "I'm so sorry! Help me America" apologizers.


Now. EVERYBODY has stolen his schtick.