excuse me

As you know, I try to keep the focus of this blog on comics, especially comics by ME. But a little matter of life and death for the entire human race came up at lunch today, and when I try to warn the world about it on this ALLEGED info-sharing website, my posts keep disappearing! I think Chris himself may be behind this, but he's crazy if he thinks he can stop me from exposing him - I HAVE A BLOG!

Flag THIS, "community"! I'd like to see you try! Click to embiggen!


Luke P. said...

Hello Mr. Jabberous. I bought RUNAWAY #2 and liked it a whole lot, though I wasn't able to make much sense out of the flip-side pages.
Keep it up. Gotta look for #1.

Benny said...

What in the HELL are you talking about here?
Have I MISSED something?

I had to really look at the "access code" this time. It had a lower case "q" in it right next to a "g" and it was kind of freaking me out.

Marky Mark said...

Yes, you missed lunch Friday.
It was Sonia's birthday so a bunch of people went out to Wolfie's.
That's where Chris blabbed his terrible secret.

eeTeeD said...

in answer to your question: