letter from jed

So Mark,

I appreciate the [...]

I do, however, question the wisdom of the impending publication of Crazy Boss in comics form. Like your Blog Opera, it had an improvised, seat-of-the-pants feel about it that I think might be lost in print, though I request that you do not print this last brief paragraph lonely and out of context, simply because it's the sole criticism in your Big Mailbag of Praise (like you did last time).



Jed said...

Oh, now that's just dirty pool.

Marky Mark said...

Now he's insulting my pool! I don't even own a pool! Very funny, Jed, mocking the poor. I bet you got a real kick out of Katrina.

Some people!

Jed said...

Your pool's so dirty, its got skin on the top.

You're so poor, since your poop's packed full of peanuts you call it Crackerjack.

Marky Mark said...

Snickers is packed with peanuts. Crackerjack is candy-coated popcorn, peanuts and a prize.

Your trash talk is woefully amateur. Go study some of my comments at Bissette's blog. Learn from the Master!