that was easy

When I switched to the New Blogger, I got this page that said I had TWENTY-TWO unmoderated comments! Some of them I recognize and I know I posted. Some of them, hmmm, not so sure. So I "allowed" all but two. One is PRIVATE, and one is just SPOOKY!

Crap. I just noticed I allowed that stupid FREE PLAYBOY & PENTHOUSE spam. Oh well. Go check it out if you want some!


Benny said...

Is the new page design your decision?
I liked the old one better. You had a better delineation between "posts"
Now, that tiny 80% grey date and the 16 point orange "title" are just not ENOUGH for me.

What gives?

How can I "go where I want" when I can't find where "THAT" is????

Marky Mark said...

WHAT??? But the new look is so CLEAN!

It was my decision. It was not forced on me by blogger. I can change it if I want to.

I like it clean, but I also want to make sure "my public" is happy, and buys lots and lots of Runaway Comics!

Is anyone else as lost as Benny in my new minimalist landscape?

Bob said...

I like the new look. Wider columns are always good.

By the way, re: the latest "Everything" over at Paneltopanel, the other two issues of CRITTERS you had stuff in were #25 (some sort of United Way poster) and #50 ("The Story of Beef". I still chuckle over the "Funny funny veal calf!" line).

Greg said...

I don't know if wider columns are always good. There's a reason newspapers split their text into columns: because it's tiring to read lines that are too long.

I have a really big monitor, so the columns on the new blog are REALLY wide.

Benny said...

Wow! I was kind of just "browing" on your site and looked at the recently closed Come Draw With Me of the circus.

Vin Rowe!
He's really good. I looked at his site and thought his illustrations were fantastic.

Okay den!

SRBissette said...

Hey, Mark -- will the RUNAWAY comic cover with all the little circus audience figures by those of us who love you see print this year, and if so, when? Where? What issue??

And -- Will BLOG OPERA ever see light of day in print? Will my head continue to live, like THE BRAIN THAT WOULDN'T DIE, in future panels? I would like that. Just don't stick a bathing cap on my head when you wedge my severed neck stub into the pan, like they did to croaking-bitch in that old movie. And whatever became of Dobbs's cranky ol' head after I lost mine?

And who the hell is suing you???

Man, I cannot SLEEP until I know!

Voice 0'Reason said...

"Anonymous" wants your ho!?!?