what th-???

"One time only"? Here I am again, next day. Maybe a "cookie" is still un-eaten in my virtual cookie jar.

OK, here's another thing I wanta share before I possibly disappear for days. It's the GRAFFS art that is framed and hanging in my home! It's a crummy tiny jpg image, but at least you can get a glimpse into the beautiful world of Art (that's the artist's name, not "Art with a capital A").

Here's some more stuff by various studio artists. For some reason, the image that pops up is not the image you click.

HEY BENNY! Why don't they have any art for sale on this site? I bet Jed would buy some. You should mention that to them. Also, send me a nice photo of your Art pillows!


Jed said...

I did check out the Studio by the Tracks site--the gallery section was a little annoying for the reason you mentioned. There were only a few that I saw that had the charm of that first post of Bennys. Graffs definitely was one of these.

as for Blogger: I must have that cookie situation too though--my dashboard hasn't changed, at least that I know of, and I don't have a cel phone either. I HATE cel phones! It's amazing to me that it's a given now that everybody has one.

A friend of mine of the same mind was asked if he had a cel phone after a job interview, and when he said he didn't have one, the guy asked, "then how am I supposed to contact you?" As if somehow, if you couldn't be in CONSTANT and CONTINUOUS CONTACT you were just impossible to reach.

dogboy443 said...

Stopping by to say hi to the Other Mark M.

Mark M.