michael hall rocks! (and why I'm back)

Another Super Post from Benny!

Michael Hall's Justice League & Super Friends. Notice how he copyrights it!

What a polite guy!

I have an Incredible Hulk vase that he did with four different views of the same Hulk on each of the four faces. I'll share some time.

Thanks, Benny!
And NO, I have not seen GRAFFS, the fabulous art by Art that I own, thanks to YOU, in the Studio gallery! I'll go look!

Why I'm Back:

I am posting again so soon because when I went to tell blogger to allow Benny's comment about GRAFFS, blogger told me I have to switch to the "New Improved Blogger", something I have avoided adamantly. But there was this little link that said I can sign in to the old-fashioned dashboard, but "You can only do this once".

I can understand why they need to phase out the old way, and not have two systems running. What I can't understand is why I have to have a google account to use it. You have to use a cell phone to create a google account, and my crappy little "emergencies only" phone won't work out here in the Coydog Hills where I live. So I gotta do it at work, or some other inconvenient place... As Dell would say "It don' make sense!"

And everybody says the new dashboard is a pain in the ass and bla bla bla.

SO ANYWAY! I am posting again now, because it may be DAYS before I get my New Improved Dashboard!

Wasn't that FASCINATING!?!? Be sure to vote for me in the Weblog Awards under "Most Fascinating Reading"!


BonzoGal said...

Whaaa? You have to use a phone for a Google account??? I've had two Google accounts for about a year now, and never had to give a phone number.

Marky Mark said...

Hey look! It's me again! They let me allow your comment! And I have not "switched" yet. Paper Tigers! I laugh at their "one time only"!

Last time I looked into the "switch" you had to have a password TEXT MESSAGED to a cell phone or some bizarre thing like that. I'll keep you posted...

RHoward said...

It sounds like you've been to some Blogger look-alike phishing site. When I switched it was easy and painless. Also, required no phone number, cell phone, or voodoo of any kind.
Dang, I've got a google account, yahoo account, hotmail account, aol, and comcast. I'm connected man!!!!!

SRBissette said...

I didn't have to do that -- but I was forced last Sunday to switch to the NEW blogger system, as I posted, which I resented as much as you do. The only real pain, to my experience thus far, is once you hit "Publish," the spinning wheel spins -- with no indication of percentage of content posted -- and NEVER STOPS SPINNING. I usually just wait 30 seconds, check the blog itself to see that today's post is visible, then let it spin away until it eventually stops and says it's taking too long to post -- at which point I sign out.

I don't seem to be losing old content, and the new posts, but this feature/drawback is the only malingering screw-up I can see in comparison to the old Blogger, which usually posted fine, all the way to 100%. What's up with this?