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BENNY: Hey. This piece is by one of the autistics from Studio by the Tracks, Michael Hall. The title cracks me up, and he has a little bit of a Woodringian thing going here. Michael is the one that does all the super heroes, which I will gladly send to you if you like them. Post away! He is definitely not guilty of gluteus segmenta. He draws pursed lips on everybody. Much better. Great, huh?

ME: Great? It's FABULOUS!!! And it reminds me of a little conversation the Notorious Jed and I just had!

JED: I appreciate the oddness of your "superhero". (see Runaway comic #2 - ed.) It has the primitive charm of hand painted African movie posters, or something drawn by someone who has never seen cable TV. You draw superheroes like Harvey Pekar writes them.

ME: The Gluteus Segmenta style of superhero art is something I only WISH I could achieve. It's something that Benny and I get a tremendous kick out of, pitiful attempts by amateurs to draw superheroes. Alas, it is like the pure and untrained art of a child. You can't do it unless you are TRULY pure and untrained. ANYTHING by a child has a beauty that is transcendental.

and... I'm telling you, the synchronicificity is really getting SPOOKY around here, because all of THIS dovetails into the fact that I just got a letter from the lawyer of an artist who I LOVE and ADMIRE and have PRAISED her work for ages - a cease and desist letter demanding $5,000 from me for "mocking and belittling" her work. Which I have never ever done. The whole thing is quite baffling. I can't tell you any more because I have been instructed to never mention her publicly again, under threat of further legal action. I tell you, I am CRUSHED! (Don't worry, Benny, I know what you are thinking - it ain't Roz Chast.)

Oh well. I'm not paying. We'll see what happens.

No good deed goes unpunished.

PS - Yes, Benny, share Michael Hall's superheroes. (But only a few. I mean, don't kill yourself unframing and scanning etc etc)


SRBissette said...

Man, what a weird coincidence. I was going to file a cease-and-desist against Condi Rice for -- well, never mind. Karl Rove called and threatened Marge and our cats, so I withdrew. Like a lover.

Jed said...

That IS a coincidence! Notorious Jed is my rap name.

Jed said...

Oh, and this painting is pretty beautiful. It reminds me a little of Karel Appel. What's "Studio by the Tracks"? More please!

Anonymous said...

Benny said...


Did you see your "Graffs" in the Gallery section of Stuido's website??