iPub .8

Remember back when this started, I said I'd wait til the end to comment on it?

Eh. Skip it. Except to say that it ended up being issue SIXTEEN of TMNT. For those who are keeping score.

Now what? I still can't work on blogopera. Without fresh new jabberous material, how long can man stay alive? How long can woman survive? Til the year 2525?!?!?


Jed said...

That's like my new favorite show. Cleopatra 2525. It's sort of like Electrawoman and Dynagirl, but with CG and and some serious chick fu. They dress like hookers if hookers were only allowed to wear silver lamay. The theme song is the 2525 song, but with different lyrics. By means of intellectual property theft, we have the whole season on MPGs and my wife watches it while she excercises. It kind of revs ya up, and each episode is only about 20 minutes long without commercials, just short enough not to be irritating.

Ahh, sometimes there's something to be said for our trash culture...

I think I had the issue of TMNT immediately preceeding yours. I remember the little business at the end saying Mark Martin would be drawing the next one, and thinking, "Mark Martin? Who's this Mark Martin yahoo?" and sometime after lost interest in the whole fad. Hey, I was a kid, whatareyagonnado? Those guys had one idea, not a ton of talent, but it seems like they really really tried hard, ya know? I think the one married to the porn star helped bring back the karmic balance with Tundra and the Xeric Foundation. On the other hand, someone should still have to pay for Heavy Metal 2.

I saw an ad for Heavy Metal 2 that, for lack of anything better, was tauting the fact that it had something like over 100 potty words. At some point they apparently discovered that 9 year olds were their target audience.

Speaking of speaking in tongues, why don't you just come clean, Mark? Give it up about the fate of Runaway. I think you've been spending to much time swimming in your dirty pool.

Anonymous said...

Til the year 2525?!?!?

Actually 2495 plus tax...

-- V0R

Benny said...

If I may:

Julie Strain is not a PORN star.
She's a PENTHOUSE PET and Queen of All Media.
And she looks as good wearing overalls as she does wearing epidermis!

If I'm not mistaken, she and Kevin are still married.

It was kind of weird, though, for her to ask me, in front of Kevin, "You haven't seen my [arty naked] photo book?"
To which I replied, "Uhh, no, ma'am."
"Well, let me RUN OUT TO THE CAR and GET YOU ONE!"
Which she DID.
And AUTOGRAPHED it to boot!

It's all so "Six Degrees of Separation".
Pumpie can introduce you to all KINDS of people! If he weren't dead, he'd introduce you to Shitty Clark, who lived on the "main road" into town, and would wear the same bib overalls every day and spit his chewing tobacco juice into the little bib.
Pumpie went to the "tag sale" at his "estate" when he died, and bought me a bunch of great stuff, including a painting of a naked woman's torso and legs that was funny by itself, but was "real art" once you took into consideration that somebody had put a little "gash" in the canvas "right there."

Or Pumpie could introduce you to "Ole Meateye" at the Florence Diner.

Or "Greg Girl," who screams out Bible verses in a Tourettian fashion.

Oh, the list goes on. I am indeed fortunate to rotate in the orbit around Pumpie.
"Mr. Electron" we call him sometimes.
Well, not really, I just made that up, but we SHOULD.

Marky Mark said...

And I should clarify that it was indeed Kevin who brought back the karmic balance with Tundra - but it was PETER who did so with Xeric.