Look what Michael Aitch Price found in a book I gave him! And I never ever knew it was there! I told him to keep it, but send me a jpg, and here it is.

Let that be a lesson to you. CHECK! CHECK! CHECK! I found $200 in a book one time, and have just the vaguest memory of tucking that money in there for some crazy reason.


Benny said...

Great for wiping up kitchen spills?
How many would it take?
I already use about a bunch of paper towel sections anytime I wipe anything up. I can't imagine trying it with Kleenex®!
I'm ashamed of my frivolous "carbon footprint", but kitchen spills are repellent to me. (And The World's Greatest Cook, too!)

Jed said...

Your Gnat Rat balloon-type lettering does the job. It doesn't have the character of your present day lettering, but it's readable and Slick Willy slick. I mean, what do you want? You disturb me calling this bad lettering, because it means my own lettering must REALLY be craptacular.

But I'm talking stuff like the cover recreations and the Boob Koon signature and such.

Besides, I find lettering to be darn hard, and sometimes I actually dig the crufty lettering stylings of the likes of Bill Waterson or Jaime Hernandez.

And why am I an even Jed? Maybe I'm "Prime Number Jed"? Have you ever thought of that? I'm tired of all these assumptions about my character.

SRBissette said...

I've found lots of goodies in old books, and always look. Danny was up earlier this month and we popped in to the nearby Quechee Antique gallery and found a copy of the 1960s paperwork edition of THE CIRCUS OF DR LAO, one of my fave books, with the Boris Artzybasheff illos. I bought it for Dan on the spot, and once in the car he started to peruse it and found -- the original sales slip from 1963! The book still looked like new, and no wonder -- it had been read once, maybe, and never touched again!

OK, it isn't as cool as Lulu kleenex ads or $200, but what the hell.