you want sloppy?

I gotcher sloppy right here!

Part 3 of What is Turning Into an Analysis of My Original Art, I Guess

I recently scanned several Gnatrat pages for an original art buyer - and sold 8! YAY! These are the pages that are NOT sold (so buy one!). But more importantly for this discussion, they were all scanned as color scans direct from the original art. So you can see the blue pencil, the white-out, the boo-boos and fixes. Not quite as PRISTINE as Jed may think.

This stuff was all done pre-Photoshop, so I was very very careful. Over the following years, I got sloppier and sloppier, knowing that I could "fix it in Photoshop" later. Some of my original art from the 90s / early 2000s is just garbage.

Recently, and especially with the new Monty Wart art, I have tried to make the original art more "sellable" since there ain't no money in comics. I figured I could finance my jones to be published by selling the original art. Imagine my surprise when Runaway Comic was released practically unnoticed, and a year later it's still practically unknown (I know, eeTeeD, I know - promote, promote, yadda yadda). And imagine the accompanying head-scratching that ensued when Gnatrat and TMNT art that has lain dormant for years started selling briskly again.

WTF? Coincidence? Cosmic Shift? Random Chaos?

OK, here are the links to the unsold pages:









These two pages are sold, but they're kinda fun so I'll link to them...





greg said...

Thanks for posting those, Mark! They might not be completely pristine, but they are definitely great. I have the Ultimate Gnatrat book, so it's cool to see the pages in their original form.

I really like the page on link #4, the one that's mostly black negative space with all the closeups of the mouths and itchy trigger fingers. Very nice.

greg said...

By the way, Mark, I picked up a pack of those PaperMate Flair pens last night and will be trying them out today. I'll let you know how that goes… either way, thanks for letting us in on the process of the magic of Mark Martin's art.

And Jed, I appreciate your insight on the different brushes and pens you've used. I'm up for trying different tools to find what works best for me. Also, I went to your blog, and I'm digging those comic pages you posted recently.

dogboy443 said...

So how much for #6, the true blatant steal from Ronin... but I like it so much becasue it is a Frank Miller/Mark Martin transmogrophied much? Can I pay you in Turtle money?


jed said...

I tried to post some long winded something or other on this thread the other day but it didn't take. Anyway, thanks Greg. My new comic is my repentance for my crappy comics debut about three years ago.

The other thing I recall saying was that these pages are way gorgeous! And pretty friggin pristine by my standards. MM has the chops! From lettering to aping othe peoples styles! Awesome.