here's what you WON'T see

This is one of 3 pages NOT included in Runaway Comic #3. WHY? Look to embiggen...

YES! Monty's gloves are not hanging from his sleeves in the first 3 panels! I can assure you, the stupid old lady who was in charge of gloves that week was taken out and shot, and the so-called "quality control manager" who hired her has been demoted to dog poop cleaner upper.

I told you - finishing this issue was like passing a kidney stone. God, you have no idea how I suffer.

This is not a joke. That page will not be in Runaway Comic #3. Nor will the Povertanian mole. Thanks to the incompetence of one stupid old lady. Jed is right. The comics industry is so far in the toilet it has already been through the sewage processing plant and is now just a pile of that ashen gray sludge they remove from the sewage processing plant and spread out over a barren wasteland of sun-baked waste.


eeTeeD said...

the page looks great! couldn't you have just digi-drawn the gloves in?
well, at least you have a little old lady in charge of gloves. my comic is at the printer, and the person who was supposed to "proof" if for me never got around to it.
i found and fixed errors, but i'm sure i missed some. =(

eeTeeD said...

ah, i just noticed the gloves have curly-q decorations in one panel, and stripes in the next. was that 9intentional?

Marky Mark said...

"couldn't you have just digi-drawn the gloves in?"

I can't believe you said that. I am literally weeping wet salty tears. The terrorists have won.

"the gloves have curly-q decorations in one panel, and stripes in the next. was that 9intentional?"

Yes. That is at least one thing the stupid old lady got right. I love the anarchy of a Krazy Kat landscape, and I hate the monotony of boring unchanging gloves.

jed said...

Are you one of these perfect flawless page people? Though everything is hand drawn, my pages are practically collages before they get scanned. I gots lettering allover the margins and words crossed out with no regard whatsoever for the beauty of my original. You ever see a Wil Eisner or a Herge original? Eisner would sometimes apply the process white with a trowel.

Hey, I appreciate the concept--Dave Cooper's and Ivan Brunetti's pages are true works of art, I just can't live up to that standard.

This is just one more drawback to those frigg'in flair pens--you can't use any kind of opaque white paint to cover it up! It'll always bleed through! You need to break down and get a handle on the brush, Mark! What kind of craftsman are you? What's the point in a perfect page when its done with magic markers?

I kid.

But honestly, it doesn't do you any good at all to be this anal. It's just neurotic.

Marky Mark said...

Jeez, would ya gimme a break on the Flair pen thing! How'd you get so fixated on that? First you lecture me on being a fastidious anal perfectionist who has to do things "right" - then you give me grief for not getting a handle on the brush? My brushes have handles! You think I don't know brushes need handles? You think I give a shit what Will Dumbass Eisner of Ivan Pushead Brunetti do? They can both go suck each other!

I make corrections on my pages all the time. I was just kidding about shooting the old lady. The real reason those 3 pages got booted has nothing to do with the gloves. I was just pulling your leg.

jed said...

Hey! I'm really not anti flair pen materials snob! I was just yank'in your chain! Just who's chain is be'in yanked here? How am I supposed to know what the real score is?

Um. I can't draw with flair pens. I find them unforgiving ie their non waterproofness and unwhitoutableness. I don't believe I've ever criticized your flair pen usage. I think I mentioned I liked the addition of drybrush to the process, but really, in this instance, I was just giving you grief.

I know that there's a long founded industry predjudice against the flair pen as a cheat, but I do not share it. After all, the industry's going to pot! Those anti-flair pen snobs can felate me! The only other time I recall flair pens coming up was when I offered to send you some of my premo Esterbrook pen points, and you said you had no use for them. Hey, If I could master the flair pen, I'd include it in my own arsenal, but it's just never worked out for me. Hey! I don't use technical pens for my straight lines. Technical pens be damned! I use Rollerball pens instead! Whoever says I should use different can felate me!

I was just under the misaprehension, by your own implication, that you didn't want to sully your page with redrawn mittens! How was I to know that it was jokes? I know folks like that! They're nuts! How do they cope? How do you know how big to make the balloons without ruling out your lettering first? What's going on here?

And I'M supposed to be the hair trigger...

dogboy443 said...

The Real Mark M,

I think the page looks great. Love the looseness of it and how your foregrounds (characters), don't get lost in your lush backgrounds. On the flair pen thing..? If you used a butter knife and smeared the page with cow manure, it would be fine if the finished page looked like this...except for the smell.

The Other Mark M.

jed said...

I agree. If you squeezed a bouquet of hollyhock between your butt cheeks and dipped it in squid jism, that would be ok with me.

Marky Mark said...

Squid jism bleeds through whiteout worse than Flair.

I've learned to be very neat with my Flairs and jism, hardly ever a smear or a line out of place. But when I do make the occasional error, I simply use an x-acto and cut-n-peel away the top layer of paper (Strathmore smooth heavyweight bristol). Then I lay a piece of thin paper over the rough spot and burnish it down real smooth. Works like a charm.

I do my lettering first, separately (usually), and put that into the artwork in photoshop. Most Montgomery Wart artwork has no lettering on the originals.

Everybody has to find their own modus operandi, whatever works for them. I can't wait to try that hollyhock trick!

greg said...

Since we're discussing technique, what type of flair pens do you use? The final product is amazing, so I'm curious about the tools.

BonzoGal said...

You mean Runaway Comic #3 won't have any star-nosed moles inside?


greg said...

Wow, I had never heard of this creature before, so I looked it up to see if it was real.

It is:

"The star-nosed mole forages for food continuously, and can find and eat prey faster than any other mammal. Using its star-shaped nose, which consists of 22 fleshy finger-like projections, or ‘tendrils’, the mole can touch 13 separate areas of the ground every second. It can locate and consume 8 separate prey items in under 2 seconds."

Video (which is actually in very slow motion and takes place in 150 milliseconds!):