carbon sux

I promised Jed I'd look into this. I have not had a lot of time to spend on this. A few minutes here, a few there - I confess, I am not an Activist! But I am a man of my word. So here ya go, Jed. I also have not had a chance to actually dig into this info, don't know anything about the Republicans for Environmental Protection - for all I know it is a front for Haliburton. I'm sure you'll let me know if it is.


Ha ha. I love the Sioux City airport code (forwarded to jabberous by Voice of Reason, becuase I say everything sux).


greg said...

Hey Mark, are you still drawing cartoons?

Marky Mark said...

Yeah, but it's all stuff for Nickelodeon, etc... can't really reveal it all here. I don't mean it's "top secret", just that I can't really post the artwork, since they buy first publication rights. Also some children's book writing etc that I'm just not comfortable shouting about yet. I do have a few un-used panels from Runaway #3 that I'll post soon.

How about you? Any new comics?

greg said...


I'm just kidding.

No new comics, but I'm working for an educational children's book publisher as a designer/production whore, and when my boss found out that I could draw (which is arguable), he started using my cartoons in various books. Currently, I'm working on some cartoon illustrations for an upcoming series of animal books -- which I should probably be doing now instead of reading Mark Martin's blog.

I hope to do some comic work again, too, so I'll let you know if anything pans out. I come to your blog for inspiration, so whenever you have something to share, I look forward to seeing it.

Anonymous said...

Evangelical Environmentalists:

Benny said...

I like it when people write stuff like:

"Blah blah SUXS"

Addding the "S" to SUX.

Har de har har!