lotion and a hot babe

Runaway Comics Technical Assistant Brigham Martin works in a saw blade and drill bit factory. Another worker there thinks he smells lotion around his machine. Brigham made him a card.

You oughta watch this Betty Hutton clip. Emote, Betty, emote! I decided not to embed any more video because it slows down the loading of jabberous. But trust me, she's HOT! Thanks to Ol' Pal Irwin for the link.


Benny said...

Man Oh Manischewitz!
How great was that?
She's so perky and wholesome and undeniably sexy!
And didn't you love the cutaway dancers?

I hate war and everything about it, but that WWII sure did spawn some good entertainment.

Benny said...

Re: Brigham's cartoon.
Imagine having all that lotion around and not being able to use your hands!

BonzoGal said...

Betty completely rocks. I have a Speedy West & Jimmy Bryant box set with Tennessee Ernie Ford and Betty singing "This Must Be the Place"- every time that song comes on, I play it three times in a row because it kicks so much a**.

Sigh... if only my husband would call me "Jackson"...

greg said...

Brigham works in a saw blade and drill bit factory?? Like 'The Machinist'?

Well... I work in a razor blade and broken glass factory. So there!

Kevin said...

She SMOKES!!! and HOT? Like a blue-pistol (*putting Betty on my list*)....

COOL! Thanks