Am I the only person who just discovered this? Is this common knowledge? & lips, too!


mickey said...

well, good mornin'! man, I can just smell the scattered 'n' smothered 'n' covered 'n' drenched 'n' drizzled 'n' sopped 'n' bloated goodness.

where'd you find the 45?

mickey said...

waaaadaminit... Benny, izatchu singing Saturday Night At My Place? "Gary Garcia" sounds like he could do a pretty good copy of "You Wanna Look Doncha"

R2K said...

: )

Benny said...

I've spent many an hour in the Waffle House, and NEVER in my born days saw one of those songs.
That's my story and I'm sticking with it.
I did NOT sing under the Nom de Sonne "Gary Garcia". Really. I swear.

I like the logo. All Waffley.

Marky Mark said...

Mickey - I don't own the record, I just googled up that image.

r2k - Your blinky logo is making me have a seizure!

Benny - I have been in a couple of Waffle Houses too. I used to live near one! The whole juke box thing, all of it - NEWS TO ME!

BonzoGal said...

My mom just moved to Arizona and I saw my first-ever Waffle House down there recently. Are they good?

Nobody Important said...

The "Gary Garcia" singing a few of the Waffle House songs is actually the same Garcia from the 1980s one-hit-wonders Buckner and Garcia. Jerry Buckner wrote many of the Waffle House songs as well. They perform together on the second Waffle House album, "It's a Waffle House Christmas", on track 4, "I'm Gonna See Santa Claus". (They're both Atlanta boys, and still live in the area. They probably eat at Waffle House quite frequently)

As for the restaurant, Waffle House is quite good, but it's not health food. Prepare for grease, and lots of it. They have the best hashbrowns I've ever eaten, and they were the first place this northern boy had grits (which are quite good, too). I still go there for an omlette or Texas cheesesteak along with those hashbrowns every now and then.