Dooky 4 and more

Blogger has been disrespecting eeTeeD again (and Benny and I don't know who else). He can't comment on the blog so he e-mailed these comments:

i just heard from several of my friends that runaway comic #3 came out in comic shops yesterday. this is an outrage. i am here waiting for you to give me the green light to order the comic through your panel to panel pals, and meanwhile the rest of the world already has copies! talk about injustice! what is going on here???

I don't know when the book hits the stores either. Or if it is in all parts of the country etc. I'm just a helpless little kitten.

in other (slightly) related news. my comic came out this week. my comic AND my cover contribution to runaway coming out in the same week will probably be too much of a deluge to comic fans, and will probably destroy my career.

OK, give! How do we order your comic??? I know every jabborree is going to want to see it! Details!

AND PS TO ALL WHO CONTRIBUTED ART TO THE RUNAWAY 3 JABBEROUS CIRCUS COVER: I'll mail your free coppies as soon as I get my box-o-comics from Fantagraphics. I don't know when that will be but I'll nag them if I don't get it soon.


eeTeeD said...

try try again...

eeTeeD said...

for now the only way to get one is if i give one to you.
i mailed you a copy of the comic on tuesday. hope you like it.

jed said...

eeteed: come clean! Your anonymousness is totally preventing us from purchasing your products! You're not mailing ME one! Your blog is like, totally empty! What gives?

Marky Mark said...

I GOT MINE LAST NIGHT! I haven't read it yet, but it looks pretty interesting, in a good way. I'm impressed! And that's coming from the creator of the classic hit Dooky!

eeTeeD, I have to say, you are quite the paradox. "PROMOTE!" Do you have some kind of stealth viral campaign planned?

Benny said...

I loved the Dooky denouement!

dogboy443 said...

I think our fellow Crank Bissette is having Blogger problems. I try to get his Blog and I'm being told he's exceeded his bandwidth. It didn't look like he's put on any weight.

The Other Mark M.

Benny said...

Hey Mark II!
You should call yourself "The Other White Meat".
I don't know if the pork people are using it anymore.

And I can hardly imagine Bissette exceeding his bandwidth. He's exceeded the bandwidth of two houses already with all his stuff. But WHAT STUFF!!

dogboy443 said...

I was considering using the term white meat...but seeing that I live blocks away from a rather urban city center...I thought I'd play it safe.

The Other Mark M. a.k.a. T.O.M.M.

eeTeeD said...

jed said, “...You're not mailing ME one...”
well, there’s one thing more that we can agree on. i’m glad we’re finding more common ground.
mark martin said, “...Do you have some kind of stealth viral campaign planned?...”
actually, i have no promotions planned for the comic. i might be going to local cons, and i might be going to next year’s s.p.a.c.e., but then again i might not.
i made this comic as art for the sake of art. i have no interest in fame and fortune. a practical point is that i do not have the time to produce a comic on a regular schedule... so no point in trying to “go big”. a realistic point is this: take a good look at the comic... it’s not going to appeal to the main stream, nor is it going to appeal to the smaller underground/new wave crowd.
it is what it is. i just hope that somehow i am able to find a small circle of readers who will enjoy the comic.

greg said...

I still want to party with that guy.

jed said...

So we're not allowed to see it, or any part of it, or buy it, unless we meet you in person at a con?

How do you know WHO it's going to appeal to if you don't share it with anyone? How do you know I wouldn't like it, if I don't know what it is I'm not supposed to like?

What gives?

I suppose it's your perogative to distribute it in any way you wish, but if you DO intend to sell it at cons, then obviously you're not exactly shying away from the public eye.

If you think I"m lying in wait to pounce with my critical fangs onto your comic you are mistaken. I'm just curious.

Also, I thought "new wave" had something to do with Duran Duran and Flock of Seagulls and wearing two rhinestone belts at the same time, not comics.

the people that you'll find at SPX and APE are a pretty diverse group--don't be so hasty in predetermining your potential audience.

eeTeeD said...

very few people are interested in my comics. i know that for a fact. i might set up a table at some local cons, and/or set up a table at s.p.a.c.e. because my friends go there every year. i don’t expect to sell any comics at these cons. i suppose it is just curiosity.
my distribution plan is this... i send a copy of my comic to a person whom i know. hopefully they like it. maybe the will say something like, “gee, my friend jill white would really enjoy this, could i please have a copy to give to her?” eventually, a small circle of readers get built who truly enjoy the comic.
if i build a circle of ten people who REALLY enjoy and appreciate the comic i will be happy.

Marky Mark said...

This is America, by God, and you can do anything you damn well please! I don't understand it, but I support you all the way!

It does seem like you are laboring under some weird reverse elitism. Why not give Jed a comic? He's an associate who is also a cartoonist and who is clearly interested in what you have to say? How is he any different than a stranger that comes up to you at a con, or a person who writes reviews for Comics Buyers Guide? Will you refuse to give them one?

What about Benny? I know Benny wants one very much. Can Benny have one?

Well, whatever you decide, it's your baby! You raise it as you see fit.

greg said...

So... going by your logic of giving a copy to someone you know and hoping they tell someone else... then Mark, why don't you tell me what it is and where I can find it? I like all kinds of comics. Especially the ones that most people don't. You've seen my comic, it's not exactly fit for the masses.

eeTeeD said...

no, the comics buyer’s guide may NOT have a copy of my comic.
yes, benny may have a copy. i’ll try to remember to mail one to you that you can pass on to him.
i’ll also send you a copy to forward to jed. i’ll probably regret it, but i’d feel badly if i didn’t.
i’ll try to mail the comics out on monday (along with envelopes and postage).
in other related news i found out today that my comic got my coworker’s husband (a man whom i’ve never met) in trouble. she gave him the comic to read, but he was supposed to drive his mother to the store. his mother kept telling him to put down the comic and drive her to the store, but he kept saying, “wait, wait! i have to read what happens next!”
my coworker said that her husband “...couldn’t put it down...”
what more could a cartoonist ask for???

jed said...

Hey, you're in a veritable hotbed of word-of-mouth, Eeteed. We're your people!!!

My address is here:

If you're still into giving me a freebee, you don't have to forward it. Just go to the "bio" section and scroll down. I would post my address here, but I'm certain that's probably a bad idea. I'll even purchase a copy!

eeTeeD said...

benny, jed, greg, bonzolgal, your partner rick, steve bissette. i'll send you six copies.
am i forgetting anyone?
your buddy steve bissette made me think of something... is he friends with my old editor rick taylor? i think they graduated from kubert's together. if he is i should send s. b. 3 additional copies... one for rick, one for tim mennel, and one for shelley roerburg. my old comico editors. i fell out of touch with them years ago.

Marky Mark said...

You're probably forgetting somebody who will be mortally offended - but that's too bad.

I'll be glad to forward those 6. But you really REALLY oughta consider just coming out from behind the curtain and telling people how to buy a comic from you. As part of my tough love program to destroy your anonymity, I refuse to forward any more after those 6.

Do you WANT to be a janitor in a pizza joint in your old age? Is that some kind of tribute to the famous cartoonist who ended up that way?

You're an odd duck, eeTeeD.

I'm going to post a review of your comic next week. I'm not much of a reviewer, but I'm sincere.

eeTeeD said...

if i got to work at the same pizza hut, and use the same mop and buck as reed crandall used, i would be honored.

BonzoGal said...

Thanks eeteed, looking forward to it!

Man, this makes me feel like I'm part of a lodge.

Jed said...

Yes, thanks Eeteed!

And as a good faith gesture, I'm ponying up with more of my own comic which can be seen here:

greg said...

Thanks Eeteed!