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Don't let my social anxieties fool you - I'm a real people person! Networking, hobnobbing, gladhanding, rainmaking, alla that stuff! I'm a Uniter! Not a Divider! I just love connections. Like this one! Benny and Howard re-connect after 30-something years! This really should have happened live on The View!

I'm also trying to connect eeTeeD with the universe, and will post my review of his comic later. I can't get to it right now. But here's a character drawing he sent me to go along with the review. I guess that means I'm supposed to use this ONLY, and not show any actual panels from the comic (?)

My favorite editor in the whole wide world is talking to his son's class at school about comics, and he asked me to send him examples of the scribbling that happens at the beginning of a comic. So I sent him these first few pages of Runaway Comic #3, and the sketch that eventually turned into the back cover of Runaway Comic #2 after Mark Landman and I beat the crap out of it.


Jed said...

Crafty! Looks very professional anonymous guy who used to work for Comico, or Eeteed, or however you'd like to be addressed. Hey, I totally promise not to stalk you or murder you in your sleep. So come clean! What did you do for Comico?

Jed said...

So Mark, do you mean Chris Duffy? Rick Reynolds? What's with you people? Who are you protecting?

eeTeeD said...

1) if you want to post a few panels from “the henbanes” to illustrate your points, that is okay.
2) thanks for sharing your preliminary sketch work. it’s very interesting to see how your thought process works!
3) thanks to jed for posting more of his comic. very slick and avant garde. i’m trying to figure out if this comic is going to be non fiction, or are you taking slices of life and reworking them and stitching them together into a fictional story?
4) the work i did for comico never saw the light of day, as comico went bankrupt before they published it. i gave up my dreams of being a cartoonist at that point and found work in a different field of art. i was an “in-house” artist in that field, so in the field of art my name means nothing.
5) MOST IMPORTANTLY, my friends were at the s.p.a.c.e. con, and i asked them to snag a copy of RUNAWAY #3, which they did (but they did NOT find it at the con). i then drove over one hour in a car with mechanical problems which should not be driven. i arrived at my friend’s home only to find that he was not home. now i must wait a week or MORE before i will be able to get the comic from him! tell me this is not a conspiracy!

Jed said...

Thanks Eeteed! "avant garde" isn't necessarily what I was going for, but I'll take it where I can get it! It's just sort of a domestic drama. It would be a low budget R-rated movie about a family if it were a movie, but for some reason in comics this may seem "avant garde". "Slice o'life" comics tend to be either cozy For Better or Worse sort of deals or 20 something angst, so really all I'm trying to do is write a humorous comic book about a family with grown-ups with jobs from an adult perspective, which seems kind of normal to me, but I'm weird that way.

Hey, I like that you called it slick though! Man, everybody always calls my comics "loose" (which CAN be a compliment, but sometimes seems to mean "careless") and in an internet review once someone even said, "sloppy". I take a lot of care with my linework, and when people think I just dash it out it kind of galls me. So, you know, you're the first person to call it "slick" and I take that as a total compliment!

As for the autobiographical elements--they're pretty few, aside from what I mentioned on my blog about taking minutes for a State Water Board meeting. Oh, and my parents worked in the mental health industry. But otherwise, a total work of fiction.

And it's not like YOU bankrupted Comico! They were going to publish your comic! You gave up too soon, bubula!

Benny said...

I love the shit out of that character already.

I can't wait for the rest!
I feel like Bennett Cerf wearing a sleep mask and asking, "Is this going to be a social satire?"

greg said...

eeteed: Never ever give up! Gary Larson was rejected many times before becoming hugely successful.

Of course, he then gave up, which doesn't make much sense.

Mark Landman said...

"and the sketch that eventually turned into the back cover of Runaway Comic #2 after Mark Landman and I beat the crap out of it."

I have never heard a better description yet of my artistic process...

That drawing literally morphed on it's own numerous times before completion, I'm surprised it didn't stealthily climb off the monitor screen and beat us both senseless...

Jed said...

HOLY COW! Anybody ever heard of Mosaik?


I just saw these posted on drawn. I've got to have one of these things. Anyone know if there are some reprints of these original books, or translations available somewhere?

These are gorgeous.

eeTeeD said...






Marky Mark said...

Here's another post eeTeeD sent, a link to Mosaik books for sale on amazon. It was a ten mile long amazon link, so I made it a tiny url so it will fit here.


Bookmark it, it's a Godsend!

I can't believe I'm doing all this for someone who did not vote for Face Smashers!!!

Jed said...

Thanks Eeteed and Mark! Have you heard of this stuff before Eeteed? It seems up your alley.

Wish I knew German though. There's so much stuff it's hard to pick out what I would imagine is the best of it from the look of those first 50 covers. I mean, from a design point of view alone! Don't tell me you don't love this stuff Mark?

That Digedag song will sure wake you up. Catchy too!

And in the interest of sharing the wealth, how about this little gem:


Great for when you need to fill in your e-mail to sign up for something when you don't want them to know your e-mail.

My word verification word was "wldpccr". That has to be on purpose.

Jed said...

Uh, the last thing I wrote there was written under the duress of being up entirely too early in the morning. It falls under the "and lips too!" vein of lame humor that is only funny if you are stoned, delirious, or the proprietor of a liquor store with delusions of wit. Please ignore.

eeTeeD said...

no, sorry. never saw these mosaiks before. they kind of look like east germany's answer to asterik to me.
i wouldn't mind getting my hands on some 1st printingas of these books. the new covers don't look anywhere near as good.