i love pets, but -

- ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! It's time to clean house. Join the wave over at Crawford Ditch Northeast. My term, not theirs. But Ross Perot did not want to be a hero either - the people SPOKE! And FORCED him to become a great leader! Bissette is poised - let's all push! If idiots will only do their civic duty and die, wise men will rise up and lead.



SRBissette said...

I humbly decline your nomination, and resemble that 'delusional crackhead' remark, but I do recommend you see DEATH OF A PRESIDENT on DVD.

SRBissette said...

Did you hear me, Mark?


Bob? Are you there?

Besides, how many of your blogsters even know what the heck you're raving about? You click your "Crawford Ditch Northeast" link and -- bang! -- it's fighting dinos and congrats to Mike for graduating! What's that got to do with Miss Beazley, Kitty, Barney and this '08 ticket you're proposing? Make sense, boy!

Marky Mark said...

My posse knows how to scroll. You (Bissette) think we are all such bleating sheep. You don't think we are capable of scrolling down to learn the truth about Bush and suicide without a handout from your Socialist Goody Bag.

But I'm voting for you anyway!


BonzoGal said...

If I had just seen Criswell in Plan 9, I'd be pretty dumbfounded because obviously the man CAN see the future... where we all live... but I also saw "Orgy of the Dead", which gave me serious doubts as to Criswell's reliability as an oracle.

Then again, MM is totally reliable, so... as they said in Life of Brian, "Only the true messiah denies his divinity!"

greg said...


SRBissette said...


OK, OK, I was baiting you, man. But not as brilliantly as ol' Dobbsie is baiting you THIS morning. I bow to Dobbs!


SRBissette said...

PS to Bonzogal: Criswell and ORGY is a match made in sweet, sweat stripper hell; how could you even doubt the man after that experience? Clearly, he saw all!