I have a few nice examples of Harrison Cady art (this is one), and Mike Dobbs has a few, and Dobbs has a connection to a collection that we may be able to exploit. The idea is to put a Cady book together and get it published. As far as I know, and as far as anybody I know knows, there ain't no such animal. And I find that baffling!

The other Mike, Michael Aitch Price, sent me a weird Georgia Gibbs song called Tater Poon. I was going to share it, because it's weird and it's called Tater Poon! However, I will share it some other time, because as I was grabbing it out of the "T" section of my iTunes, I noticed Marshall Crenshaw's TMD! So I posted that instead, because we were just talking about TMD yesterday!

Now don't get me wrong. I am ONLY posting this because of the NAME. It is a mushy love song, but I do not mushy love TMD.

But it is a very good song, so "sample" it while you can. I usually leave songs online about 2 weeks.


greg said...

That Harrison Cady piece is super cool!

I googled him and found some illustrations he did for Boy's Life at

Benny said...

Harrison Cady is one of the people responsible for me loving animals as much as I do.
I always looked on them as benign and full of human characteristics. Which, uh, is EXACTLY what they're like! Except snakes.