We took the girls out for their Glamour Shots last week. Isn't she beautiful? She really is. Click to embiggen! Her teeth are orange because they are deformed and exposed to the air 24/7. You can't really tell it in this photo but a large portion of her left iris is blue, while the remainder of her eyes are brown. Her body is too long, like she has an extra vertebra or two. A veterinarian said her kneecaps are on backwards - I have no idea what that means, but she does have the most comfortable back legs I have ever felt while hugging a dog. Another vet said "Dogs don't get hemorrhoids, but by golly she has one!"

This is Daisy. The most beautiful girl in the world. Her sister Cocoa is also the most beautiful girl in the world (yes, there can be two!) but she had a panic attack at the photographers' and her pictures all look insane. You'll just have to take my word on that one.

Also, here are two panels from The Henbanes (see previous two posts).


eeTeeD said...

property of TMD. do not reproduce or distribute without permission.

also, how old are the dogs? the way you describe daisy makes me worry about her health. i hope she lives a long and happy life.

greg said...

Art looks good! I like the nearly hidden deer on the mountain side.

Marky Mark said...

I'm curious about why you are so anal about copyright ownership. I just can't imagine anybody is going to take my 72 dpi web images and print them and sell them in China or some other bootleg haven and make a fortune off my intellectual property.

Daisy and Cocoa are 14 years old. Our dogs usually live to be about 18. They are in good health for old ladies. Daisy has had deformed teeth, blue in her eyes, extra vertebrae and backwards kneecaps all of her life. She was born that way. It doesn't bother her at all.

The hemorrhoids were just a temporary thing years ago.

eeTeeD said...

to cure your curiousity go to

scroll down and read the post amid made on April 26, 2007 1:35 am entitled "the saga of todd goldman".

Marky Mark said...

eeTeeD, do you think putting your copyright notice on your work will stop a prick like Goldman? He knows the stuff is copyrighted. If he'll steal from Disney, he sure isn't going to honor your prominently displayed copyright info.

Don't get me wrong - I most definitely believe in ownership, and I copyright my work when it is published. After that, the job is done. Even if I don't say copyright bla bla bla on an image, it is in fact legally copyrighted in the book.

Just some food for thought. I wouldn't worry about pricks like Goldman. To be more specific, I wouldn't exert myself trying to dissuade them from ripping me off. I'd just go after them if they did rip me off.

Oh well, to each his own. Thanks for explaining!

eeTeeD said...

thank you for the compliment, greg.

eeTeeD said...

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