hell's angel

I got a fresh pile of old Science and Mechanics magazines at a tag sale, and some of this stuff just gotta be blogged. Like this badass mutha! Harleys have always been famous for being the ride of choice for skull-crushers, but dang! Gimme Shelter!!!

ALSO check out CACTUSVILLE! by Steven Amey, a guy I never heard of until he e-mailed me a couple of days ago.


Wayno said...
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greg said...

"My friends all envy me!"

Benny said...

What was the first post that was "removed"??

Benny said...

I just saw that about the girl's "envious friends"!

Wow! She must be a feminist "prototype"!
Didn't girls have to ride stuff like that "side saddle" back then?

Benny said...

I feel like a "posting hog".

Cactusville is great!
Why has nobody picked THAT thing up?
And you know who would be a great voice for any of them oldsters?

He copyrighted that stuff 10 years ago and renewed in 2004. Man, it just blows my mind how there's so much great stuff out there that people will never see.