never mind

The gauntlet has been officially picked up, dusted off and placed back on the shelf. Ignore the color-off challenge, but I'll post my coloring job when it's finished.

Meanwhile here's another relic from Eric Talbot's file folders. Eric and I collaborated on this one. I penciled. Eric inked and toned. I think this was printed in some mini-comic about music, possibly an issue of Mary Fleener's Chicken Slacks.


Benny said...

I've never seen that one.
But it perfectly illustrates one of the best TMBG songs ever.

Filthy scarecrow, indeed!

And, hey, I was just fukkin' with ya' about the whole Sherman/Peabody debacle.
Looking like an idiot is second nature to me. You know that!

kneelsen said...

Very cool!
I'm always blown away with how you weave text into your work. I'm reading 20 Nude Dancers #2 now and I'm having a great time. Pumpie's Day is a joy to read.

Here's my review of Runaway #3, Montgomery Wart specifically. I love it but it's too short! I say this while knowing how much frickin' work you put into these comics. I felt like that was a great introduction, now lets get to the adventure and fun! Hopefully someday we'll get that story and I look forward to it.

Wayno said...

Yes, that was in CHICKEN SLACKS! I remember it, and being jealous of your talent - not the first or last time, neither!

Kevin said... piece!

greg said...

Mmmmm.... duo-tone paper. I love that stuff. It's like magic.

greg said...

BTW, still no Runaway #3 for me. It wasn't supposed to be in the package with eteed's comic & Runaway #2, was it? Or is the mailman just torturing me?

Marky Mark said...

Oh hell. I left out your #3???

I'll fix it.

Jed said...

Mmm, juicy.

I just posted this on Craigslist. I sure hope I get lots of responses.

greg said...

It probably won't get too many responses... this is all that's there now:

"This posting has been flagged for removal (The title on the listings page will be removed in just a few minutes.)"

Jed said...


That should work I think

Benny said...


It's true, a lot of people think that artists can just shit out a comp or twenty with little or no difficulty.

Try shitting an air conditioner!

Jed said...

All right, I give up! They removed it twice! Even when I took out the all caps!

Here's what I wrote:

Title: (creative gigs) Professional Artist Seeks Professional Work

Hi, I'm a professional artist. I'm looking for starving electricians, plumbers and lawyers. I can't really pay you very much. Looking for real "eager beavers". This could be a great piece of work for your portfolio! Must be able to do quality work. I'm sure to get a lot to responses so I'll be trying out a few of you to see how you work out before I can choose the ideal candidate. If this works out, there will be plenty of work for you in the future, and lots of exposure. To the elements.

I can pay little if anything. I don't have very much money. Possibly no pay whatsoever.