MY EYES!!!!!!!!!!

God, that hurts!

I just updated The best part is A BRAND NEW COME DRAW WITH ME ACTIVITY AT LAST! Then there's some tantalizing EVERYTHING news, and some other tiny adjustments.


SRBissette said...

Ouch, indeed.

Pinkhamster said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mark Martin said...

You can say that word here and get away with it. It just proves you're a prick.

Seriously it's pretty hard to make me get all "liberal" on you and ban hate speech. But please don't take that as a challenge.

Pinkhamster said...

But Mark -- I only said that to tease you regarding the FAQ on "Why do you screen comments!" Normally I don't speak of wimmens that way.

Now you made me look like a brute. :-(

Jed said...

Your new website header looks seriously designy! It looks bizarrely a lot like my resume. Seriously. I should show you. It's eerily similar.

As for the dreaded "C word" :

I don't think it's by definition "hate speech". It's a very raunchy word, definitely, and I wouldn't toss that one around without caution, but I wouldn't ban the use of it outright from my, or any one elses vocabulary. I also think random declarations of people's c-wordiness is lame.

I can see an argument for the c-word as "hate speech" in the sense that it's used often to demean women, and there's no comparable word to demean men. That's hard to argue against. Still, I'm wary of the banning of words outright, and though I feel no ownership of, or right to use the "n" word, the "c" word is something I have admittedly used in anger. I haven't levelled it at anyone in person, but I've used it in anger to refer to someone not present.

In my very unpolitically correct use of the word, it's meant to me someone almost always female who behaves in a way that's vicious, malicious and manipulative. Sometimes there's an edge of passive agressiveness to the behavior, and it's feminine, rather than masculine agression--and just how it happens to be feminine is totally subjective and not particularly scientific.

I don't believe that I hate women, or resent any one particular gender over another, but when I'm angry, sometimes and rarely, I'm sorry, I get satisfaction out of using this word BECAUSE of it's agressiveness and forbiddenness. I've heard women use the word in a similar context and in a similar way and I definitely think they have more license to use it than I do, and I know it means something different when I say it.

Then there's a whole different area where some men and women find the use of the word in a sexually agressive context, sexy. I don't think this makes the men and women who use it bad people for getting turned on. I don't think the women who use it hate themselves, or are trying to demean themselves.

I think in part, it's the forbiddenness of the word makes it an attractive word to use, that makes it sexy to some people, which is oa total catch 22--using or overusing a word doesn't necessarily take away its power.

So I'm ambivelent.

And I don't think Pinkhamster is prick--he seems like a decent enough guy, he was just impulsive, and out of impulsiveness, he ACTED like a prick.

Mark Martin said...

Jed: This is kinda like the "Bissette's glasses challenge". I just think you are WAY over-thinking it. Or under-thinking, or something. Using the c-word does not make one a prick. Using the c-word about Condi just to get my goat makes one a prick. However, having said that -

Pink: Notice that immediately after calling you a prick, I said "seriously", thus assuring that I was not serious at first. If needling somebody makes you a prick, I'm trapped in John "The Wad" Holmes' coffin, the biggest prick of all!

And finally... Use of the word cunt or nigger, or Christian-bashing or gay-bashing are indeed all hate speech to a degree. Everybody does it. I just get to choose where to draw the line on my blog, and that psycho is not going to call Condi Rice that here. And for the record, I did make that decision because of the way the commenter used the word, which I thought was just over-the-line unnecessarily offensive to African-Americans, and to me and most civilized people for that matter. I did not delete the comment for partisan Bush Admin supporting reasons.

Jed said...

But the c word isn't racist. There's not enough information in Pinkhamster's statement to make it a specifically racist remark. I could see how you could claim sexism, but racism is a stretch. If I said Jerry Lewis is a dickwad, is that an anti-semitic remark? Not that I have anything specifically against Jerry Lewis (just an example).

But yeah, it was a pretty easy and graceless way to get your goat. Especially since you clearly presented the fact that you screen your comments BECAUSE someone said something similiar. If you're going to get Mark's goat, at least do it with a little finesse!

Mark Martin said...

jed - "But the c word isn't racist."

me - Who said it was? Wait, don't answer that. This is the point where debates spin out into some sort of debate frenzy. You're arguing points that were never made.

Let's talk about something cool like The Simpsons!

Pinkhamster said...

See Jed, the deal was that I thought for sure that Mark wasn't going to put that comment on the blog because he specifically said the reason for the moderation was because someone said exactly those words. I only submitted it to him to hopefully make him laugh at how dumb it was to say that in particular and something outrageous in general completely out of context on a thread that had nothing to do with politics. It wasn't supposed to be public! I never meant to expose the Secretary of State's naughty bits!

What was that cartoon about the fruitbat that looked like Gary Coleman again? That's one of my favorites.

Jed said...

I misunderstood. From what I'm now to understand, you weren't referring to Pinkhamster as "that psycho" but some other psycho who called Condi the "N" word, or as you describe it in your FAQ "That awful word". Hey, when we're talking in euphemisms, sometimes it's hard to figure out just exactly what we're talking about here! And of course, "that awful word" is terribly racist. My apologies.

eeTeeD said...

mark martin said "...Let's talk about something cool like The Simpsons!..."

feh. instead talk about ed roth, and the impact his work has had on you (you being the person reading this) and YOUR work.

BonzoGal said...

Ed "Big Daddy" Roth? Mr. BonzoGal has a whole deck of Rat Fink trading cards in a metal BandAid box. It might be why I married him.

BonzoGal said...

And The Simpsons are getting cooler and cooler- last week's double episodes were two of the best in a long time! Kent Brockman, who knew?!
People who say it's jumped the shark don't know what they're talking about. Hot dog water!

Mark Martin said...

I know, bgal! "I'll teach you to make a Grey Poupon me!"

They just keep on keepin' on. I can't wait for the movie!

I pity the poor delusional crackheads with their anti-establishment blinders on.

Colin Tedford said...

Oh my gosh, I've been away for a bit, and now everything's changed! The main page header looks very "cyberpunk". The blog looks kinda barfy! But I've already somehow forgotten what it looked like before - my memory wiped by this hypnotic orange tone. I can't really throw stones about choice of website colors , though. I still don't have much grasp of the use of color, alas - which is why I'll be sitting out this round of CDWM.

Also, I should let dead dogs lie, but re: the "c-word", here's something from the website for the zine Why Is Cunt A Dirty Word?:

I asked my mother, "why is cunt a dirty word?" I could hear her shudder a little though the phone.
"Amy, you shouldn't use that word, " she said.
"Don't you think it's odd that the ugliest, most offensive word describes women's genitalia?"
"It’s just a dirty word!" She exclaimed.
“…but why?” I pressured. I could tell she was getting frustrated.
There was a long pause, and then she answered quietly; "Maybe it shouldn't be a bad word. It is, after all, where we all come from."


Mark Martin said...

Well of course A cunt is a beautiful magical special wonderful thing. And A nigger is also special and potentially wonderful, like any human being. It's just the words and the baggage that they carry that is so offensive. Some people even use the words affectionately. They're just words.

I met a lady who thinks the word "lady" is offensive because it is not the word "woman" and therefore proves that the user stereotypes women and has not been enlightened by feminism.

Anonymous said...

I likes me some ladycunts.

Benny said...

The best use of the "c" word was on "Curb Your Enthusiasm" when Larry's agent handwrote an obituary for Cheryl's "beloved aunt", and the newspaper printed "beloved cunt" instead.


SRBissette said...

Actually, in the UK (in the '80s anyhoot) cunt was a term of endearment twixt mates (as in 'male buddies'). It was a little odd as a lowly American tourist to hear it so casually tossed about, as we culturally attach so much baggage to the term.

Then again, 'Cunti Rice' is just the trademark name of a necrophile-specific instant rice product you can buy in certain specialty food cooperatives in some parts of the US and Germany. It has absolutely no ideological value whatsoever, and being not only bleached rice but also rice 'cured' in the snatches of dead women, it has very little nutritional value at all. I can't imagine why Condi Rice droolers get all hot and bothered over it.

And leave my goddamned glasses a-LONE!

Colin Tedford said...

"Well of course A cunt is a beautiful magical special wonderful thing...It's just the words and the baggage that they carry that is so offensive..."

Yeah, the word used to bother me b/c every time I'd ever heard it was in a shitty context. I'm used to it now after being around women who just use it as a word, but o'course using it as an insult's still hateful.


SRBissette said...

Oh my God, I just found out this morning that Cunti Rice isn't "rice" at all! It's dried maggots, prepped like little Rice Krispies for crunchiness and texture! GAGGH!

I may never eat 'em again. And I've eaten so many my beard looks like a glazed donut.

SRBissette said...

A SECOND censored moderated post! Ah-HAH!

It's ALL about Condi! I knew it!

SRBissette said...

Censored post uncensored.

But moderated.

Ouch, moderation -- owww, ouch, euuwwww, bad.