no more ugly

I apologize for those ugly pictures of Bissette I just posted (see previous posts, if you dare). To keep this blog fair and balanced, here's a sexy picture of me and veteran DC comics artist / writer / art director / editor Ed Hannigan. He doesn't work for DC any more. Now he just impersonates a seal begging for fish and enlarges furniture. That lady is somebody who doesn't like her name splashed all over the internet. She'll probably kill me for posting this picture, so download it for your cellphone wallpaper NOW!

Here is Ed's new floor, which we actually got to walk on yesterday! It was so cool!

Does anybody know what became of Jane Lake? Love her or hate her, you have to admit she had an interesting blog. Where did she go? Did she ever really exist? What is the "skinny" on Jane Lake?


Jed said...

That woman in the picture is EXCITING. Does she have a sexual partner? Thanks for the high res. "material".

So what did Ed Hannigan draw for DC?

Pinkhamster said...

I give up... Whose glasses did you Photoshop onto the three people in this picture?

eeTeeD said...

greg said...

Orange works for me. It gives posted artwork boundaries, and reading the text doesn't make my eyeballs pulse. Plus, it's kinda Halloweeny.

(I can't believe I misspelled "fail" in my last entry.)

SRBissette said...

Whoa, very Dunkin' Donuts-ee colors on the blog. You're freaking me out.

Wait, ME ugly, Ed Hannigan NOT? Give me a break! Even with the dish, the chair and Ed is an eyesore! And who's that shithead sitting on the chair pretending to be YOU? "No ugly," my butt! BUTT ug-a-lee! Like a mandrill!


Put THAT before the world!

dogboy443 said...

Ed Hannigan!!! I haven't seen him since we did a Noho comic convention together and he told me about the evil called C.Bete. We discussed how to make ovals and word balloons in Quark and it was a major geek fest. WOW. Ed Hannigan.

Can we discuss those cuffed jeans MM?

The Other Mark M.