unknown comic

A few weeks ago I bought a copy of EVERYDAY MUTTS at a Borders book store in Bedford Massachusetts.

Last week a co-worker gave me the DVD of Avatar Season 1 Disc 1. I had never seen Avatar and knew nothing about it. She thinks it's great and wants me to see it.

So I watched the first 10 minutes of edisode 1 last Thursday morning. Then I stopped and ate breakfast. Then I picked up my copy of EVERYDAY MUTTS (which I had still not read yet) and started thumbing through it.

And the above comic fell out of my copy of EVERYDAY MUTTS that I bought at a Borders book store in Bedford Massachusetts!

I swear this is all 100% true.

Clearly we are missing page 4, and God knows how many more pages! Unknown comic, how does it end???


eeTeeD said...

i just got my hands on runaway #3! the art looks fantastic! looks like you really outdid yourself on this one!
can't wait to read it!

SRBissette said...

Wow, this comic found in MUTTS is pretty cool! Thanks for sharing, Mark!

Wayno said...

Ha! You were meant to have that weird found comic. "Maybe with my waterballs I can cool down the giant."

eeTeeD said...

recently, i had a very similar experience. a few weeks ago i bought an old harvey comic. a few days ago i was reading it and out fell an old mimeographed (?) fanzine from 1969. like your find, my find was also missing pages.

Jed said...

So Avatar is that bald, anime mystical guy, right? I saw the toys in Rite Aid, and was once again fascinated by this new trend in toy making where fire and water are represented by translucent hunks of plastic. When the Fantastic Four movie came out there were a bunch of Human Torch toys that incorporated a similar effect. Apparently fire in the current argot of mass-produced plastic garbage=something that looks like shiney rock candy.

So does Avatar ammount to pretty much what it looks like and you're withholding judgement in the interest in civility at the workplace, or am I missing something truly awesome? Hey, I've been surprised by anime before--lately I've been really into Galaxy Express 999--it's kind of like the Little Prince on mushrooms and I'm totally digging it.