meeting sketch

I get bored in meetings. Thank God for pencils and paper. Actually, this helps me focus and pay attention to what others are saying. If I'm not doodling I get so bored and frustrated I can't concentrate. You might want to try it, if you are lucky enough to work where some ogre supervisor does not "write you up" for drawing in meetings. It's cool where I work.

I bet I've explained all that on this blog before. Just call me Grandpa Simpson.


greg said...

Best. Doodle. Ever.

BonzoGal said...

"Back in my day, we used to wear onions on our belts- that was the fashion then..."

Benny said...

Love the sketch!
The bodies look like Woodring's Mr. Blaster kinda.

It's good that they appreciate you up there, Pumpie. We can sure use more crazies like you down here in the steamy South.

eeTeeD said...

you really seemed to have outdone yourself on the art for runaway #3. some beautiful stuff, like the scenes on the train tracks, and the scene where mont' walks into povertania. also nicely composed scene "shot" from bird's eye view (bird included).

any particular inspiration for the extra lovely art?

garyfields said...

What a great sketch!! So sorry to hear about Runaway. I know exactly how you feel about being too mainstream for indies and vice versa. When I first started showing my stuff around they said it was too Disney (because it was funny animal(?)) but I knew I would never be accepted at Disney. Oh, well...doing a kid's book sounds like a good idea to me. Best of luck!!

dogboy443 said...

Absolutely Fabulous.

'nuff said.

The Other Mark M.

SRBissette said...

Hunh, Thursday post on a Sunday. Punk-ass slacker!