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Image searching the internet almost always results in unexpected images, but yesterday I hit a motherlode. I was searching "public domain cartoons" for Mikey's book cover. We finally decided that recognizable cartoon characters were not as important as a larger variety of cartoon styles. All of these old Van Beuren and Iwerks images make the book look more limited in scope than it is, so these guys are just place holders now. But I'll go ahead and show you the new layout. YES, the characters will get bigger and leap out more. Flip the Frog will definitely pop out in front of the title. But he won't exactly be Flip the Frog.

Anyway, back to my image search results. Here's a little montage of the best of the bunch. The Sharpton Image (get it?) came from here. The manga porn came from here, proving once again that any fetish imaginable has a website, and - HOLD ONTO YOUR HAT, MICKEY AND BONZOGAL! The album cover came from here! WOO HOO!


SRBissette said...

Wow, now THAT'S a Monday morning post! What the heck was your search phrasing to yield such a wild span of wackiness?

Marky Mark said...

Dude! Did you READ the post???

"Image searching the internet almost always results in unexpected images, but yesterday I hit a motherlode. I was searching "public domain cartoons" for Mikey's book cover."

Are you such bleating sheep?

greg said...

Anime porn is a strange fetish. Like naked aliens.

eeTeeD said...

i just heard a rumor that darwyn cooke punched another artist at a recent convention. can someone direct me to an online story about the incident?

jed said...

That's awesome. That's a continuing nightmare/fantasy of mine, though I haven't actually tried to hit anyone since I was probably 10. The nightmare is that if anywhere, that's where I'll probably blow--at some comicbook convention some day. The only problem is that most cartoonists I know suffer from "wuss arm". So did the other guy actually register the impact?

BonzoGal said...

Holy flurking schnitt! I just got both RUNAWAY COMICS #3 and eeTeeD's comic in the mail today. Happy mailbox!

Runaway is too full of amazing stuff for me to fully register yet. The double page spreads, Monty lost in the Nor'easter, Crazy Boss for office-larfs... and Blogopera! And the back cover! And the front cover! Daaaaaaang.

And eeTeeD, your comic is lovely. I'd definitely want more of that story- it's like an old-fashioned children's book. Thanks!

jed said...

Hey! I got my Henbane's on! Thanks Eeteed and MM!

A preeetty slick package Eeeteed. Aside from the coloring on the cover which was a little paint by numbers--I'd say either go with flat color, or follow through with your modelling and add a consistant light source of some kind--it was a very professionally done book.

The drawings are consistantly "on-model" and you get a lot of expressive movement for such a tight style, especially in the little demon guy. I'd say at it's best the drawing reminds me of some of the better drawn Harveys, maybe not the best of them, but damn good.

I understand what Mark was talking about when he said "precious", although I think you're both dead wrong about it's potential mass appeal. This is "chapter 1", right? If you make this manga digest-size and finish the story you've got something that will look right at home on the shelf with a lot of other home grown manga. Not to say that it's manga--this is good old fashioned American comics all the way, but content-wise the very thing that Mark is calling "precious" will score you lots of points with the manga crowd. I think they call it "kawaii". I think you're very much underestimating your potential audience here, and the stuff that would get you in trouble if you tried to sell it as a straight up children's comic--like the boobs--would be no problem in a manga context.

I'd say serialize it as a webcomic on Serializer to test the waters. That is, if you WANT an audience. I still can't figure out where you're coming from on that one. Otherwise I'd say send what you got to Tokyopop and I wouldn't be surprised if they signed you up.

Just one VERY minor editing thing:

You "inter" a body in an urn, you don't "intern" it, as in: "his remains were interred in this tomb or urn"

But that's probably a typo.

Storywise--It's very easy to follow, ecconomically done-- I like the way the urn serves two plot points in the story--and, well, cute. To be honest, not the kind of cute I tend to go for, but I can appreciate your originality and skill. The feel of it is oddly like something translated from some other language or culture, sort of like the way Ron Rege's stuff reads as though its been translated from Martian. And the computer typeset lettering doesn't bother me TOO much. And it's so damned sincere. That's not at all a bad thing.

Way to go Eeeteed and thanks for sharing!

Benny said...

I just got my copy of The Henbanes and read it right away.
Jed is right. I got a good old Harvey vibe right out of the chute.

Precious, schmecious, Pumpie. I liked the story a lot, and would like to see more.
I think Jed is dead on about the market possibilities for it.

Your character design was good, too. It was as fun to look at as it was to read.

Thanks for sending me one.

I also got my Runaway 3 at the same time. Wow! I'm on tenterhooks about Monty. The design of the Monty story was fantastic. The inside cover spread particularly. You blow my mind.

But CRAZY BOSS is the BEST, Pumpie, the BEST! That thing is sheer genius. I'm in love with every character. and Ms Johnzon sends me over the edge.

Brigham's landscape was also fantastic.

The Landman collaboration was gorgeous as well, and I've spent the last hour poring over it.

Huzzah to all!

greg said...

(Fifth time trying to post this!)

I also got my copy of The Henbanes. I was going to post a more in-depth review here, but I basically agree with Jed's review.

1) It's a good read, you should promote it more.

2) The art is consistently good, sometimes very good. As a couple of others have said, the preciousness of some of the characters might not be up my alley, but I know there are plenty of people who wouldn't feel that way. Even if they did, the writing could likely compensate for that.

All in all, a very nice job, and thanks for sending me a copy!

kneelsen said...

Where's the comments I sent you this morning?

Marky Mark said...

in the spartacock post