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That top image is from yahoo. They're actually encouraging people to go nuts with unlimited e-mail storage. The small bottom image is my blogger information. 1024 MB of free webspace.

YouTube has a gajillion videos online and a gajillion more piling on every day. There seems to be no end to bandwidth and storage space for people to abuse on the internet. It's like sorcery!

Here's what I wanta know: Where does it all come from? How much longer can google keep up with it all? How many megatons of info can google sort through and still find me a picture of a fisher cat when I need one? Who's paying for all this memory? It must cost something, or else why am I paying $10 a month for my wimpy little 50 MB at

It's spooky. It's like when I was a kid and fell asleep with glow in the dark paint on my chest. It was body paint, made to paint on your skin. Something about that paint... it would GLOW FOREVER if it got fresh light everyday... I couldn't sleep! It spooked me!

There's something at once magical and scary about it. Like the molten core of the earth, or the sun. It just burns and burns and burns! I know there are scientific explanations, but just try to get your head around it. That ball has been burning a long time!

And if the galaxies and solar systems are all zooming away from each other at warp speed and have been zooming for billions of eons, come on! I mean COME ON! It don't make no sense!

I wonder if Carl Sagan really REALLY could get his head around it. I bet he couldn't. He said he could, but I bet he couldn't really.

Check out this cool candy wrapper site jabberee janet found!

Read this dead-on essay about the suckiness of the ART world. Irwin Chusid sent me this one. I wish I could write like this. It's so much more convincing than just saying "ART SUX!"

Cool fonts Mike Dobbs found! Benny and eeTeeD will just die!

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greg said... Howzat new 'come draw with me' goin?

The only peep I have heard was Benny peeping that he's working on something.

There's also lots of pontificating been going on about the comics biz and whither Monty Wart and freelance commercial art sux - lots of stuff I oughta weigh in on, instead of jabbering about spooky bandwidth and day-glo paint. And COMICS. If I ever finish this list of Things I Gotta Do First and get some more comics drawn I'll be a happy guy. Or at least less jumpy and fidgety.


eeTeeD said...

they better hurry up and put some bonomo turkish taffy on that site!
did you know that the tootsie roll company bought out the bonomo company, and they refuse to put out bonomo turkish taffy.
it's a conspiracy!
i'm sick of all these fake bonomo wanna-bes. i want the real thing!
see? candy companies are just as evil as comic book companies. well, the hershey company is the most evil company of all.

Marc Arsenault said...

I'd come draw with you Mark, but somehow we haven't had any boring meetings I can doodle in yet! If you doubt the productive value of such situations, I did do the entire title page to a Zero Zero (a Monroe Simmons drawing, no less) during one such thing.

In the meanwhile, Kid Tiger plush toys are in the works, so we may have to get you to work on that strip soon!

greg said...

I can't answer your questions about the sun burning for all those billions of years and the expansion of the universe and stuff. I get freaked out when I think about it for too long. Like, if the universe is expanding, what's on the other side of the end of the universe right now? Nothing? Cuz nothing is something, right?

Kevin said...

when did your site leave the status quo of all that is "blogger" (w/ it's boring black background and white text)?

LOOKS GREAT!, this is art!

Man. it sux that the art sux so bad cuz the music world sux worse and I really can't do much else! (I knew I should never have left my job at the nursing home as a janitor--now, that was REAL work!)

And I too plan on doing a "draw with me" ...once I get over this TO-DO-ME-IN" list!

Oh yeah, and I have a couple of art openings coming up.... (boring!)

Colin Tedford said...

Man, that guy harshed all over Bard College! I spent 4 years there and liked it just fine - but then, I mostly steered clear of the art department, which had plenty worth mocking (if you're into mocking). It sounds to me like that poor bastard would do well to steer clear of the art world himself instead of constantly punishing himself. We know art sux, Richard Kimball - so go read some comics! Cssev!

Jed said...

Hi Mark,

so from all this PEER PRESSURE, I changed my blog look. I kind of stole your colors (orange), but different.

Jed said...

I didn't mean to post this ^ twice in two different places but my posts keep dissapearing into la la land and I lose track of of whether or not or what I posted last.