You can listen to the golden voice of Mike Dobbs, author of "ESCAPE! How Animation Broke Into the Mainstream in the 1990s" here. He's in the second half hour. The whole hour is interesting, in a what-the-hell kinda way, even if you do not live in Western Massachusetts.

Here's a lame ViP cartoon, but hey, it's ViP, so I scanned it. Click to embiggen. If you don't know about Virgil Partch, try to find his old gag cartoon collections in old book stores or on ebay. Avoid Big George, the newspaper comic he did! It's not woth buying. Stick with the older collections of gags from men's magazines. The guy was a genius.


greg said...

Love that late '50s, early '60s style cartoon art!

Is that guy trying to fish with a fencing sword?

dogboy443 said...

Nice interview with Mike Dobbs. Reminds me of the long conversations at the Tower Theatre we had when I didn't have a life and he was showing cult movies and managing the theatre.

The Other Mark M.

eeTeeD said...

virgil partch started out as an animator for disney studios.
his arty modern style helped him rise up in the ranks there.
he did a lot of interesting work there.

SRBissette said...

VIP was indeed a genius, and his best collections are still found (and usually quite affordable) in old book stores and such.

A collection of venerable cartoonists work for ads circa 1920s-1960s would be a terrific book. From Dr. Seuss's classic "Quick, Henry, the Flit!" ads to Tex Avery's Raid and Wally Wood's Alka Seltzer ads, there's much treasure amid the sprawl of those decades of ad cartooning, and even a clinker (ads notoriously avoided anything really funny) from VIP is worth a look. Thanks, Mark!

eeTeeD said...

word has it that this company has been having a lot of trouble selling this product.


i guess they've sold like ZERO of them. thought you might like to help them out and buy one.

Jed said...

That just doesn't look like $69 worth of blanket to me.

SRBissette said...

In a VIP cartoon, $69 worth of blanket would include $50 worth of VIP chick!

Benny said...

Yoo hoo! Wayno!
Why haven't you chimed in?
I know ViP is one of your faves.

I didn't know he was a Disney animator, but I sure see him all over "Toot Whistle Plunk and Boom", I'll bet.

greg said...

Howzat new 'come draw with me' goin?

Jed said...

"In a VIP cartoon, $69 worth of blanket would include $50 worth of VIP chick!"

But it aint a VIP blanket. It's Sherman and Peabody. And do you mean "chick" or "chic"?

Wayno said...

Bennie! I ain't been to Jabberous for a few days. Some of the Big George stuff is great, but as it went on, it became terrible! But the first ones still showed his masterful brushwork and generous use of Zipatone.

What you really want to avoid is that strip about pirates he did...