email from Vinnie:

You're getting this note because at some point
in the distant past, you did a sketch for me
of my personal mascot and totem, Norbert.
It's okay if you don't remember.
It was probably years ago, and you may
have been drunk.
Anyway, since the sum total of human knowledge
is located on the internet, the entire collection
to date has been posted at
and you can go a see what sort silly things you
were made to draw back in the day,
as well as who else got sucked into it.
I've tried to credit where possible,
and include websites where I know them.
If you can help update things, let me know.
Feel free to spread the word,
and by all means grab a copy of your contribution
for your own records.
We hit our 250th contributor at
WW Philly this year, and still growing.
Thanks to all of you for your contributions
over the years.
Vinnie Bartilucci
Secret Master and Founder,
International Norbert Conspiracy

He's right, I don't remember! But I probably wasn't drunk.


Pinkhamster said...

Silly Norbert... Bananas are for kids.

SRBissette said...

I wasn't drunk when I did mine, either (see the site, I'm there -- as is John Totleben, likely done at the same con!)...

greg said...

I posted this in the midst of the crazy extremist conspiracy conversation below, but I thought it would make sense to post it here as well... I thought Steve's Norbert was great.

And it's not easy to draw a creature that's comprised mainly of hair pooping and make it great.

greg said...

Also, I just noticed that blogger turned my name into "gehatvh" on my other entry (in the "squids and old waffles" post) for some strange reason.

I don't think it was like that before... what's up with that?

Wayno said...

I drew one of those things too. I don't think I was drunk at the time, but I don't think I was enthused either!