one more from science and mechanics

I can't draw! ARGH! I still know how, I just can't get out of homeowner hell! The freaking air conditioner died! I don't care if Stephen King finished writing "On Writing" with smashed bones in a 90 degree laundry room as sweat poured from his aching body! I have to have air conditioning!

So, instead of drawing, I am driving to Home Depot, discovering the new AC won't fit in the back of my car, driving BACK to Home Depot in the World's Greatest Cook's station wagon, heaving the old AC out of the window, etc etc. Yak yak yak bla bla bla!

I finally got all that household crap off my to-do list and the AC DIES!?!? Is there no end to my suffering?

Actually, I'm still getting work done on Teeny Weeny. But I miss drawing un-vector stuff.

Here's a neat ad from those old magazines. It's been on my desktop here, waiting til there was nothing else to post. I hope it's happy now.

I enlarged the Happy Hooligan and Krazy Kat films, just in case anybody wanted those big.


Benny said...

It's hot as hell down here in Alabama, Pumpie. I can't imagine it being any hotter than a dead man's breath up there.

Loved the movie "kit".
I would have obsessed over that as a young'n.

SRBissette said...

Man, those old 8mm movies pop up at the Quechee Antique Mall venue from time to time.

I bought an old Castle Films 'nudie' goona-goona last month with bare breasted island babes on the cover -- woooohoooo!

Those old movie kits were a step away from stag movies, I tell ya! HAPPY HOOLIGAN, my ass!