The Amazing Spider Man!

I've always thought that if you hafta splain it, a work of art ain't great. So I'll concede this ain't great, and splain:

That Kirby fly should be a DITKO fly!


Jed said...

So obviously you've taken Eeteed's side of the argument. Hrumph.

Nice painting though. Guache?

Mark Martin said...

Acrylic. And dare you insinuate I have taken a side?

eeTeeD said...

dang! nicely done!

Benny said...

Wow, Pumpie! This will be a totally fantastic work of art when finished!

The LSD catalog of values is a CLASSIC, Pumpie, a CLASSIC!

HemlockMan said...

Actually...I don't think Stan Lee should even be there. Save as a leech attached to the Olympian ankles of Mssrs. Kirby and Ditko.

Jed said...

Get off it.

Not to start shit again, but ggeezz, the comics you like would probably not be readable without Stan Lee. Unless you enthusiastically followed Ditko's departure from Spider-man and found Blue Beetle and Hawk and Dove far superior, those "Olympian heels" might seem a little more like clay.

And did anything Kirby did solo rival what he did for Marvel? everybody likes to point out his New Gods stuff, but it was relentless and humorless compared to his Marvel work.

Yes, the Stan Lee's a gloryhound and he stepped on a lot of people's toes for the sake of his own agrandizement, but to discount him completely is really lame. If you like that stuff, unless you're just looking at the pictures, you like Stan Lee's writing. It's true, Ditko and Kirby plotted the best of those storys but Lee made them fun, and gave it all a consistant editorial voice.

I'm sorry, I can't help it. this apocryphal "Kirby and Ditko did it all" stuff drives me nuts!

Check this book out:

It's probably the fairest and most even-handed account of the guy I've ever read. And it often paints less than a pretty picture of the guy, but it clearly documents his involvement with Marvel.