Here's something I have forgotten to do every single day since June 25. I promised Rick B I would post this question and answer so he can link to it:


I've got an odd question for you.
I'm currently selling a copy of the LSD Catalog on eBay
(not my own copy!) and I've got a guy asking
about the Ellison contributions.
I don't think I've ever asked or read
anything about it but was that stuff actually
written and/or submitted by Ellison?
If you feel comfortable in aiding my financial endeavors
(and helping me answer this guy's question)
could you give me the story on that?

I've Googled and Googled and really can't
even guess the connection.
Unless it was Tundra?
If it seems too creepy or something,
don't sweat it.


I can't remember how I first got in touch with Ellison, or he got in touch with me... Seems like it was an unrelated matter. Anyway, when I was rounding up contributions for LSD I sent him a query and he called back and said he had some faux catalog items he had written for an old college newspaper - and that's what's in the LSD catalog. Yes. it is actually stuff written by Ellison.

I'll put this on my blog, so the next person who googles it will get an answer! Let freedom ring!


slatts said...

Things were quite ahead of their time down in Alabama. You could order through the catalog. We had to go through the dealer.

Ricko said...

Never let it be said that Mr. Mark Martin is not a hell of a guy. Thanks, Mark!

HemlockMan said...

I rather like Harlan Ellison. In addition to pure talent, a very sweet guy, despite certain press.