letters! we get letters!

from eeTeeD:
dear mark martin,
attached to this e-mail is a
modified panel from
chapter two of a comic book
series i am working on
entitled "the henbanes".
i would appreciate it if you
would post it on yourblog.
thank you for your consideration.

Why so formal?

from Jed:
I hereby officially petition
Eeteed for a hug. As we
embrace, let the hatchet be
buried between our loving
bosoms. Be it of Don Heck,
or Reed Crandall, or that
guy who draws Little Audrey,
I welcome your sometimes
questionable judgment and
taste and cuddle it to my
heart as though it were my own.

Let this hug serve as a
proverbial olive branch, a
parley whereby our ceaseless
wrastle over nerdly
minutiae may ultimately be
resolved through a loving
squeeze. Awww, come
ova' here bubula!

Why did you send this to ME?

Lest anyone think they have stumbled into craigslist misc romance m4m, I THINK they are talking about the comments section in this post. Why they are dragging me into it is a mystery. I am not a matchmaker. I just draw comics.

from Lemos:
Flickr: Photos from Bad Album Covers


A new Marvel Value Stamp will be posted Monday! PLUS a new (related!) COME DRAW WITH ME activity! This is truly the Age of Harmony. God Bless Condi.


eeTeeD said...

well jed, i hope this image from my comic qualifies as a cyber-hug.

and much thanks m m for turning us all onto the album cover site! i'm love it!

SRBissette said...

Man, my skin is sloughing off due to cuteness quotient overload.

BonzoGal said...

Those album covers are hi-freakin-larious. There's an old record store in Berkeley that has walls covered with exactly these types of covers. They're a thing of beauty. (Or many things of beauty.)

Jed said...

"Why did you send this to ME?"

Because Eeteed refuses to reveal his/her identity and insists on using you as a go-between. I'm sorry if you got caught in the crossfire, but it would never have happened if you hadn't taken on the responsibility during the E.C. Segar debacle. It's entirely your fault. There's no escape now.

And even we were to "get a room" I'm not sure that that it would be big enough for the three of us. We would probably end up eating eachother like the Donner party.

eeTeeD said...

jed, take another look at the indicia on the henbanes.