The stock market and this Cramer clown can go take a piss for all I care. So why was I intrigued by this photo and the promise of a Cramer meltdown on The Drudge Report? I can only chalk it up to fate and my Guardian Angel, for if I had not watched this video on youtube I would never have seen the sexy talking giraffe!


RHoward said...

You know you're getting old when.....

I watched the video through twice (looking for a sexy giraffe) before I finally noticed the giraffe print on the ladies dress.

HemlockMan said...

Good god! You are VERY old, dude!

I couldn't watch the video, despite the shapely young lady wearing the tight dress. (I just turned 50...excuse me.)

I have all of my retirement in a stock index fund. So I pay some attention to the markets, but not much. I don't panic when it plummets and I look with an amused smile when I access my account to see how much is in there when the market climbs.

Begrudgingly, I am a capitalist.