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Here's my most powerful of all beings in the Merry Marvel universe. Where's yours???

Hey look. Here's the real thing, true believer!

I'm going on vacation tomorrow, then I'm totally "booked" til the end of October, then I HOPE I'm booked til after Christmas on another job... but if/when things settle down I hope to create the All New Merry Marky Mark Elders Value Stamp Book!!! Face front, faithful flatheads!

Hail Mark Martin!
Boo Peter Bagge!

Here's a drawing by Brigham...


Benny said...

Brigham's drawing is cool.
Way cool.

Jed said...

I'm sure Eeteed will appreciate the honor. And good paintings were had by all.

Brigham's drawing is indeed groovy, and once he breaks loose from the orbit of Jim Woodring, and polishes up his drafting skills, he'll be a force to be reckoned with!

I have to share this Hemlock fellows feelings about Libertarians. I mean, "hate" is a strong word, but maybe "despise" or "loathe", and you know, hate the sin and love the sinner and all that.

Libertarians are totally crazy.

Like when libertarian's like Penn Gilette claim this garbage problem is a bunch of huey, and that there's PLENTY of room for landfills.

Or anything that comes out of John Stossel's mouth. That guy's a menace.

I kind of love Ditko for his obsessive craziness, god bless him, (pardon all this Bible talk, I'm a total athiest, but you get my gist).

I do honestly believe that Libertarians are more dangerous than Republican's because at the very least, even the worst Republican's PRETEND to have value for other human beings.

Libertarians tend to not believe in either civic responsibility or corporate responsibility by default, and let the free market sort it all out in the end.

This said, I've read a few of Peter Bagge's Reason cartoons, and his sellective logic is pretty amazing. What happened to that guy? I get the impression that he really really loathes his younger self.

SRBissette said...

My eyes are popping! Great card, great Brigham art! Thanks, Mark!

Jed said...

Advice to Brigham:

No need for all that cross hatching. Id doesn't do much for texture and your line does all the work you need it to, to describe form. I'd go for a more clean lline look, with just open lines and your spot blacks.

greg said...

Brigham's line work is really coming along nicely.

To comment on Jed's suggestion, I personally think the hatching could work nicely, since the line work is so bold. It's just that some areas need to be offset by larger areas of black, so the entire piece isn't so gray.

The even tone of the piece makes it difficult to figure out where to rest your eyes.

eeTeeD said...

i do solemnly swear to be a benevolent despot.

my first decree is that all marvel comics currently being published shall be cancelled immediately!
they shall be replaced with the following titles:
powerhouse pepper, patsy and hedy, sergeant barney barker, millie the model, and homer the happy ghost!

so i have said, so shall it be.

i would like to take this opportunity to point out some of the imagery and its symbolism in mr. martin's most excellent portrait of myself.

first, please note that mr. martin has depicted me as a MOUSE. this is to symbolize my love of milton's stein's work on superMOUSE comics.

second, you will see in the portrait that i am wearing a striped shirt, and bib overalls. this is to show my great appreciation for the works of owen fitzgerald, and al weissman (hank ketcham's two top ghosts on the dennis the menace comic book series).

third, notice that mr. martin has left the heart/lung/stomach area of my body unpainted. this is to let the newsprint page it is painted on show through, and let the viewer know that i eat/breathe/sleep/and love only comics.

fourth, note the red border around the portrait. this is a reference to "the henbanes, chapter one", a comic book that i recently completed.

and finally, you will see that i appear to be wearing a fez on my head, but it is actually an overturned cup, placed there by the artist to show that MY CUP RUNNETH OVER WITH LOVE FOR MARK MARTIN, AND FOR HIS WORK.

many thanks to you, mark. this image shall always be cherished.

and my final decree is that brigham martin continue to grace this blog with his excellent illustrations!

greg said...

I didn't mean to use the word "nicely" twice in one entry. But I did. Crap.

HemlockMan said...

Wow! A two-week vacation! I need me one of those!

Anonymous said...

wonderful vacation
they were