while i was out

Vin Rowe drew a Most Powerful Of All Beings In The Merry Marvel Universe!

Cousin Kirk sent a link to a great Modern Mechanix blog

Emery Calame sent a link to a cool 3D animation studio

Mike Lemos sent yet another of the endless proofs that the Japanese are just plain trippy

anonymous sent an insane rant to a post's comment's section. I debated whether or not I should allow this rant, fearing it may open a spam floodgate or encourage this person. I finally decided to unfuck the universe.


Jed said...

Yep. That would be Takashi Murakami. The superflat guy.


SRBissette said...

Yow, that is a RANT, man!

Thanks for braving the post, Pumpie, and welcome home. How was Prague??