how i spent my summer vacation

1. Read To Kill a Mockingbird on an airplane

2. Changed planes in Amsterdam

3. Took a taxi to the fabulous Movenpick Hotel Prague

to be continued...


HemlockMan said...

Most of my fellow USPS employees are veterans and they all talk about the hash they smoked and the wimmen they paid for in Amsterdam.

Benny said...

Did you fly into Schiphol airport in Amsterdam?
Did you have at least a 4 hour layover?
Did you see the plethora of "short bus trip tours" of Amsterdam?

It's collusion between the tour people and the airlines.

but we took one of those bus tours and it was fantastic and well worth the time and money.

We asked the bus driver if he would take us by a "coffee house" to go in and get some "coffee". He said you couldn't do that anymore (probably a lie); that you had to take your "coffee" with you.

SRBissette said...

Man, I would love to go there one day. Someday...